What you need to know about the new data breach legislation. Are you ready?

The Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) legislation comes into effect today (February 22, 2018) and we are imploring RCSA members to ensure they are compliant. Under the legislation, a large number of Australian businesses will now be required by law to notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if they suspect or know of any breach of their IT systems allowing illegal and unauthorised access to the personal information of those on their databases. Breaches must be reported within 30 days of a business becoming aware of a possible breach. While this legislation applies to businesses with an annual turnover of more than $3 million, RCSA members will likely s

Uncovering the reasons behind the hidden health and safety risks to your workforce

RCSA is running a health and safety workshop on Undressing Risk, which has been designed to ensure decision-makers understand and re-affirm their commitment to safety. The two hour video workshop is presented by Health and Safety Risk expert Amy Towers who says the program is designed for senior level staff and is available to RCSA members and recruitment industry participants throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Undressing Risk workshop goes beyond what you’ll find in standard due diligence training, taking participants on a journey of exploration to unearth current and emerging risks, and then navigating through the best options to address them. The workshop will look at six key areas

The evolution of candidate assessment tools and what it means for 2018

Day-long auditions, job tryouts and even competing for cash during interviews could all become part of the recruitment sector landscape in 2018 as the industry look to fine-tune their toolbox of candidate assessment tools. LinkedIn’s Talent Solution’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, released in January collating the responses of some 9,000 hiring managers and recruiters internationally, revealed the sector expects four trends to dominate hiring solutions during the upcoming year. And more than half of those working in the Australian sector interviewed for the survey said new interview tools would be the most significant change facing the Australian sector in 2018 and would impact the w

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