One of New Zealand’s greatest interviewers to host RCSA awards night

Mike McRoberts has only ever attended one formal job interview and thinks he may have once had a resume back when he was starting his media career 35 years ago, maybe. It’s not the kind of story we hear a lot in the recruitment sector, but Mike is a perfect example that the way to the top of your chosen career can be found in many ways. Mike will be the host of this year’s RCSA New Zealand Industry Awards to be held at a gala event at the Hilton Auckland on July 5. Mike McRoberts “I applied for a cadetship with Radio New Zealand at the end of 1983,” the popular News Anchor at TV3 explained of his first and only formal interview. “It was quite a gruelling process and took about four or five h

It doesn’t take a comedian to know how important confidence is

Dave Hughes believes that anyone who has made it to the interview stage when applying for jobs is already a winner by virtue of the fact they made it that far. It is the same philosophy Dave, who is one of Australia’s brightest comedic talents, adopts every time he delivers a performance; regardless of how the show goes, he has the confidence to believe in himself. Dave 'Hughsey' Hughes It’s an interesting perspective and gives pause for thought. As an industry, do we treat those who make it to interviews as if they are success stories, even if they don’t get the job? Do we instil that confidence in the candidates we see each day in our jobs as recruitment consultants? “The third time on sta

RCSA’s CEO slams ACTU’s misleading campaign as a membership drive

CHARLES Cameron has slammed ACTU’s Secretary Sally McManus address at the National Press Club today as a misleading ploy to increase union membership. Billed by McManus as the ‘most important speech in a generation,’ Cameron said her comments on work security showed absolutely no basis in fact, making the speech more like ‘one of the most baseless furphies purported in a generation.’ “Not once did McManus cite evidence to support claims around job security,” Cameron said. “Instead she repeated sweeping claims that ‘insecure work is spreading,’ ‘casual work is growing,’ ‘labour-hire work is growing’ and that insecurity of work has become a ‘national crisis.’ “The facts simply do not support

The awards are there for the taking…so step on up

We all know that winning industry awards is a great way to promote your business, but what is less appreciated is the fact the process of submitting a nomination often has an immediate and appreciable return on investment. Companies and individuals who invest in themselves enough to take the time to submit an application for an industry award, quickly find that in doing so, they are conducting their own private audit of what has been achieved and often gain insight into where they are headed. An award application by definition means we have to take the time to list our achievements. And this can be a revealing and surprising process. Remember how many KPIs you have exceeded and how many cand

My confession (and my pledge) this International Women’s Day…

I have a confession to make. Many years ago, when I was seeking a promotion, I lied to my boss. It was true that I had all the necessary skills and experience for the role. Every word of my CV was accurate and correct. So why did I feel the need to fib? Because I was a woman of child-bearing age. My fear was that I could miss out on the promotion if my boss thought I was going to have children. So I lied and told him that I had no plans for a family. I secured the role and was pretty successful. I was happy. My team was happy. And so was my boss. Later, when I fell pregnant, my boss turned out to be completely supportive. I went on maternity leave – not once but twice – and I returned to wor

Overcoming inherent bias in recruitment

Andy McLeod loves hunting. Think on that for a minute. Did it raise any strong emotion in you? Was your knee-jerk reaction one of indignation? Or did you think nothing of it? Andy, the Director of Sales & Partnerships with New Zealand’s Fluent IQ, wants our industry to talk about unconscious bias. Andy McLeod, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Fluent IQ With more than 25 years in the recruitment game he has plenty of tales to tell and has seen first-hand the impact that bias has on business and candidates alike. Back to Andy’s hunting. If we were to tell you that Andy’s hunting is about a sustainable field-to-plate philosophy, that he is an Honorary Officer protecting marine life and hat

Four tips to help clients retain staff

Hiring new staff can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, not to mention the investment of time and money which goes into training them. So the last thing employers want is for their staff to leave. This raises two questions for the recruitment sector: how can we make sure our clients have reasonable expectations of the candidates we send them and; how can we support them in getting their staff to stay? We take a look at four steps we believe we as recruiters should be communicating with our clients to help them with the recruitment process and subsequent successful employment of the right candidate. What makes someone a good fit? It may sound self-explanatory, but the key to retaini

Taking the hard work out of WH&S compliance – for free!

It’s no secret that ensuring we are all compliant with Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) legislation can be hard work, especially as workplaces across Australian and New Zealand and the legislative requirements can change quickly and unexpectedly. After receiving feedback from members that they needed something more streamlined, RCSA responded by undertaking a lengthy review and developed one set of simplified and easy-to-use templates, which are now available to all of Corporate members for FREE. The WHS templates were developed by Health & Safety Risk Management expert Amy Towers and designed to cover all business types represented by our members from on hire to permanent employment. The rev

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