Federal Court decision will undermine business confidence by creating a new ‘super employee’ categor

CEO of Australia’s peak industry body representing recruitment and staffing, Charles Cameron, expressed exasperation at today’s Federal Circuit Court decision of WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene, saying it would be a ‘kick in the guts’ to business confidence at a time when Australia was enjoying job-creation confidence. “This decision has shone a light on a significant anomaly that exists within the current Fair Work Act where an employee can double dip on leave entitlements and payments,” he said. “The ability of the Act to be interpreted in this fashion creates enormous uncertainty for business in Australia and highlights the huge difficulty that exists for employers in complying with unclear law.”

BusinessNZ welcomes micro-credentials

A micro-credential system introduced by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority will help ensure that New Zealand businesses can access employees with the skills they need in a world that is rapidly changing, says BusinessNZ. BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope has welcomed the flexibility and innovation that micro-credentials will bring to New Zealand’s regulated education and training system. "This is a great new way of engaging with employees and responding to changing employer skill demands, and micro-credentials complement longer-duration full qualifications," Mr Hope said. "Business is changing and so is the future of work. Employees will need to continue developing up-to-date skills

Meet a Recruiter - a new initiative changing lives

What: Meet a Recruiter When: Thursday, August 30 Time: 4pm-7pm Where: Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Auckland Bookings essential and can be made here In what is shaping up to be an extraordinary event throughout Australia and New Zealand, more than 80 recruitment consultants will volunteer their time for a few hours on August 30 to help jobseekers with complimentary sessions helping them identify where they can improve their chances of securing work. Meet a Recruiter is an initiative of RCSA Victoria Council members James Witcombe (SMAART Recruitment) and Matthew Sampson (Aspect Personnel), the free consultations will be held in seven Australian cities - M

News in Brief: August 2018

RCSA CEO INVITED ON BLACK ECONOMY ADVISORY BOARD AND TO REPRESENT GLOBAL EMPLOYERS IN GENEVA RCSA CEO Charles Cameron has been invited to sit on the Advisory Board, which compromises of public and private sector representatives. The Board will advise on emerging trends, risks and factors contributing to changes in the black economy. The Advisory Board will advise the Treasury about implementation of the Government’s decisions attacking the black economy and provide strategic contributions to a five year report on new threats emerging on the black economy. Charles has also been selected to represent global employers before the ILO in Geneva in November, to discuss recruitment fees. We will ke

Why on-hire firms need to be responsible for worker safety

Three recent cases in Victoria have yet again proven that on-hire firms cannot, and therefore should not, be relying on host organisations to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Before we go into the individual cases, let me clarify what the law states. In simple terms, the on-hire firm and host organisation have a shared duty of care for the health and safety of workers which is not transferable. This means both should be invested in the health and safety of workers to ensure staff are adequately protected on the job. Recent case studies One labour hire company was engaged to provide employees to undertake tasks by a company at its Victorian premises and conducted a hazard and ri

Work-life balance - Lessons from the Netherlands

As an Australian living and working in The Netherlands for 15 years, hardly a day goes by without someone still asking me: “Why are you living here instead of Australia?” Well there are a number of reasons but to make a long story short, I have a great work-life balance. The Netherlands is pretty progressive in its labor laws enabling flexibility since 2000 for men and women to work part-time and have the same rights as full-time employees. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif] “Het nieuw werken” (the new way of working) is a phrase dating back to 2005 for companies like Microsoft and national Telco KPN, enabling their people to work where and when they want with the focus clearly on results

Next Gen Incentives – the currency of flex

The push for flexible working conditions is set to grow with a candidate-driven market inspiring employers to change their incentives to attract top talent. We look at recent trials and what employers and employees think. Engaged employees, less sick leave, higher productivity and a happier workforce are all compelling arguments for the introduction of flexible working conditions within the workplace, and yet it seems many employers continue to resist this push. The topic received a lot of media attention earlier this year with an eight-week trial of a four-day working week at New Zealand trust company Perpetual Guardian. All full-time employees out of a workforce of 245, including senior ma

Why we need to help SMEs see value in recruitment

There are many small- to medium-sized businesses, that take on the task of recruiting in-house because they believe they are too small to engage a professional recruitment agency and that they will save money by doing it themselves. At the end of June 2017, there were 2,238,299 actively trading businesses in Australia with the vast majority (98 per cent) of them recording an annual turnover of less than $2 million, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Small budgets mean many have to find cost-savings at every possible turn. And for many small to medium businesses, an obvious place to start is by keeping recruiting in-house. However, to call this a false economy in many cases wou

Reality Bites: Fragmentation, diversity and identity

Recruitment professionals today face a world where technology has shifted, allowing for the creation of new identity-based virtual villages which make self-appointed knowledge bloggers, posters on LinkedIn or followers on Instagram the 21st Century’s town criers, parish newsletters and truth tellers. What that means for the recruitment professional today is that the successful selection and placement of staff, particularly millennials, has to be more personalised and individual than ever before. The reputations of consultants and employers can now be made, or broken, online with a rapidity never before possible. That said, all that’s changed is the reality of an organisation’s culture and be

How to chat in a London pub - Revolutionised Recruitment

Andrew Banks may be a household name on Channel 10’s The Shark Tank but, in truth, he has been a pioneer of the sector and was instrumental in transforming a cottage industry into the professional service we know today. It was in a London pub, somewhere near Waterloo Bridge on a chilly winter afternoon in the late 1980s, that three men gathered to have a chat and in doing so, arguably changed the face of recruitment forever. Those three men were Andrew Banks, Michael Page and Robert Walters – all accomplished recruitment professionals who had started to establish their own successful recruitment empires. “We were all really passionate about recruitment and wanted to meet to talk about how we

The 3 key rules to achieving greater results for your recruitment company with content marketing

To guarantee your content marketing strategy is effective and achieving greater results for your recruitment needs you need a clear strategy, to remain consistent and ensure you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket. We all know that content marketing provides an avenue to let you demonstrate your thought leadership, showcase your business services and drive brand awareness. It also helps you stay front of mind with your community, your connections and your potential clients. But content marketing is only powerful in amplifying your sales and marketing efforts if you have a content marketing strategy, which encompasses all points of communication such as your website, your social media

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