NZ members urged to be ready for Payday filing

All New Zealand employers will need to file PAYE information each payday from April 2019. Over 400 employers have already started getting organised so do you know what you need to do to get ready? Through September and October, Inland Revenue will hold more than 300 free seminars for employers explaining the process and what is required for payday filing across the country. The seminars are designed to support all employers – both large and small. In around 90 minutes, each seminar will cover what payday filing is, how it works, and what you should do to get ready. And there will be plenty of time to ask more specific questions. This is a big change for some employers so it is important to

RCSA Chief Executive to attend ILO meeting of experts in Geneva to define recruitment fees and relat

RCSA Chief Executive Officer, Charles Cameron, will next month be attending, as an expert, a meeting of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to define ‘recruitment fees and related costs’ in the context of establishing a global response to cross border migration abuse. Representing the International Organisation of Employers, Charles is extremely proud to be expanding the influence of RCSA to a global level on top of the work he is already doing as a Director of the World Employment Confederation. Whilst it is critical for RCSA, and the World Employment Confederation, to be active in stamping out unethical and unlawful recruitment practices in relation to vulnerable candidates and wo

Reflections on the recruitment industry

In each edition, we profile pioneers of the recruitment industry and look at how the sector has changed – for the good and bad. In the first of the series we speak to Joan Page (nee May) who shares her reflections of recruitment in the 1960s and 70s and the battles she took on. If there was any doubt about how much society and the recruitment sector have changed in the past 50 years, you need only look at what was very much an informal and unspoken hiring practice through the 1960s and into the ’70s – hiring in your own image. Joan Page – known to many in recruitment as Joan May – said the practice of employers showing overt bias towards people who went to the same university as they did, wh

Calls for members to join Responsible Procurement Working Group

The RCSA is establishing a Responsible Procurement Working Group and want your support. The RCSA Responsible Procurement Working Group is being set up to “ensure fair, sustainable and responsible business activity in the industry” RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said. Cameron said the RCSA is seeking representation on the Working Group across different management functions and industry service providers. Individual RCSA Members and employees of Corporate Members are eligible to join the Working Group. The procurement of recruitment and staffing services by business and government plays a key part in determining the quality of the service outcome. As the peak body for the recruitment and staffing i

SafeWork NSW launches strategy to protect workers most at risk

SafeWork NSW has launched its at-risk workers’ strategy 2018-2022 focusing on four groups of workers who have been identified as being most at risk of workplace illness and injury. The body now needs industry involvement to produce meaningful change. The groups identified as being most at risk in the workplace are: Young workers (aged up to 25) Migrant workers Culturally and linguistically diverse workers Workers employed in labour hire arrangements The report was developed in consultation with key community groups, industry representatives and stakeholders including the RCSA which was heavily involved in the process. The strategy precedes the release of the 2018-19 Action Plan for each grou

Meet Cheryll Seslija - RCSA's Learning and Development Coordinator

RCSA’s Learning and Development Coordinator, Cheryll Seslija, has enjoyed a high flying career, both in the skies as Cabin Crew, jetsetting around the world and, in a slightly more grounded capacity, in the recruitment and staffing industry. We spoke to her about her learnings, her role at RCSA and the brand new platform she’s driving which is set to revolutionise the way our members engage with Learning and Development opportunities. You’ve had a very diverse career spanning from Cabin Crew travelling the world to learning and development for the recruitment and staffing sector. Can you tell us about the journey you’ve taken to get to your role as Learning and Development Coordinator at R

RCSA relocating Australian head office

RCSA is moving its Australian head office from next month from its current location in Exhibition Street to Collins Street in Melbourne, Victoria. The move is being made to accommodate the growth in the number of staff and industry participants working with RCSA to educate and advocate for members of the recruitment and staffing industries across Australia and New Zealand. “We have been steadily growing in the last few years and we have been truly working at capacity in our current premises for some time now,” RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said. “We know this growth will continue as our work with those in recruitment and staffing continues to see us lead the way in developing best industry

Flexible working arrangements – Paving the way or playing catch up?

If you live in New Zealand you know there are two things for certain: The first, good candidates are worth their weight in gold. The second, CBD traffic is awful. Why is that relevant? Because we’re in the 21st century and things are changing quickly. Not only the markets in which we live and work in, but also the way in which they impact us. Back in the good old days, it was expected that staff, for the most part, worked 8:30am-5pm, 40 hours a week, for roughly 30 years. Your life was your job, and in many ways, so was your identity. Attribute it to whatever you want – technology, a younger generation challenging the status quo, maybe even a crusade – but change is coming and it’s not AI, m

Utilising video as part of a recruitment strategy

Davidson's Top 50 Public Sector Women campaign earned the recruitment and HR consulting firm a nomination at our recent RCSA Awards - but that’s not the only area where Davidson are innovating. Their Melbourne office has been using VideoMyJob in their recruitment strategy for nearly two years now, with some great results. We caught up with Principal Consultant Cameron Norton to have a chat about their success and future plans for video. Q: You’ve been using VideoMyJob for two years now, what sort of value has it added to your recruitment process? We’ve seen great value in being able to position jobs, but we’ve also seen the value come through in positioning Davidson as a leader in our space

Shortlist is celebrating turning 20!

This month, industry publication Shortlist turns 20! We decided to turn the tables and ask them some questions for a change. See below our chat with Shortlist co-owner and editor Jo Knox… You celebrate your anniversary with Titanic sweeping the Oscars, Seinfeld ending its run on TV and the debut of Sex and the City, the release of the first iMac not to mention Britney Spears’ release of Baby One More Time. Congratulations! Shortlist started as an industry newsletter covering the financial results of recruitment companies, senior staff moves and developments in the tender space. How has Shortlist changed over the past 20 years? Looking back on the earliest issues of Shortlist it’s surpris

Workplace mental health – it’s more than just fruit bowls and yoga

A quick look around a workplace and it is easy to identify staff who have physical ailments. They might be coughing, or have a bandaged hand, a leg in plaster, or look pale and unwell. But trying to spot those experiencing poor mental health is not as easy, despite the fact one in every five Australian workers has a mental health condition right now. They usually don’t show physical signs of distress and, in many cases, don’t speak about how they are feeling because they fear the stigma associated with mental health conditions. These are realities that beyondblue is working hard to change. And it is pleasing to know many workplaces are ready to make a difference. While many leaders don’t

#fivers4survivors - give up a coffee to make a difference

On Friday we are all being encouraged to forgo one cup of coffee - just one cup on one day - to help raise money for Freedom Hub which provides long-term support for people who have been victims of human trafficking and slavery. Kate Taylor, Managing Director and Owner of specialist health recruitment agency TaylorCare Recruitment has been involved with Freedom Hub for a number of years and is pushing hard for recruitment industry participants to make this one small sacrifice. “We have more than 30 recruitment agencies who are members of RCSA donating to this cause and getting involved which is very encouraging to see,” Kate, whose company was named the winner of the 2018 RCSA CSR Award, sai

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