Tearing down the myth of complicated sourcing: a seminar

A half-day seminar looking at why recruiters will need to be inventive to source candidates into the future - and equip them with the tools to do so - will be facilitated by RCSA with Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training with AIRS in Sydney on December 5. Laura said the Tearing down the myth of complicated sourcing seminar has been designed to provide those attending with a different set of resources they can use “to augment their current recruiting strategies with very little time investment”. Laura, a leading international expert in recruitment training, internet sourcing and social media believes that the social media sites used so frequently by recruiters of today will not

Peter McLaren honoured with community award

Peter McLaren, Chair of McLaren Associates will this month receive a Kiwibank Local Hero Medal for his community service work in Wellington. Peter was nominated and won the Community Service Award for his work providing pro bono HR services to non-government organisations (NGOs). “The Kiwibank Local Hero award recognises those whose selflessness and determination has made a difference in the community,” Kiwibank said. “It provides a special opportunity to all New Zealanders, who have witnessed or experienced the contributions made by this year’s medal recipients, to say thank you, we appreciate what you are doing to make our communities better.” RCSA’s New Zealand Manager of Memberships, Reb

How one recruitment firm is finding answers to staffing New Zealand’s aged care sector

The positive outcomes which can be realised when business and government work together to address unemployment has been demonstrated, yet again in a new program being rolled out across New Zealand. The program, was piloted in February when specialist healthcare recruitment firm Medcall connected with the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to deliver a pilot program where people receiving government benefits could be assessed, coached and trained for the role of a caregiver and supported into jobs in Aged Care. The pilot program successfully trained and placed 40 individuals - some of whom had been long-term unemployed - in aged care sector jobs and is now being rolled out acros

Leading Parental Leave Policy Addressing Gender Inequality

In August of this year, I was part of an historic moment in the history of our organisation, as we unveiled to our employees an industry-leading parental leave policy. The amount of employer-funded paid parental leave varies between employers. Based on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s, the average length of paid primary carer’s leave offered is 10.1 weeks and for paid secondary carer’s leave it is 7.3 days. Our own research of both recruitment and non-recruitment organisations in the country, revealed that where an employer-funded policy existed, average paid leave offered to the primary carer was only 4 weeks, and 2 weeks for secondary carers. As working mothers ourselves having had d

Time isn't your friend - if you are delaying hiring decisions

Finding the right candidates for a job opening is just the first step. Companies that do not have processes in place to move quickly to secure the right candidates are missing out on top talent. We look at why and ideas on how to fix this. The old adage “time is of the essence” is a concept that seems to have become lost on some companies when it comes to hiring staff. Failure to act quickly could result in candidates walking away, picking up other jobs or not being interested in interviewing if the client has a reputation for being lax in making hiring decisions. Jenet Cennet Depke, Managing Director of JD’s Personnel, which has been operating for 33 years, says she is increasingly frustrat

Take the reigns

Emma Kirkwood and James Meurer have taken their passion and knowledge of horses and business to create a new leadership coaching program where the horses are doing all the teaching. It was one of those moments in life where you can’t help but wonder at the synchronicity of it all. Performance consultant Emma Kirkwood finally realised her dream of owning a horse and went to get lessons on how to be a better horse rider and handler, where she met James Meurer and ended up not only with a better-mannered horse, but a whole new business venture. It didn’t take long for Emma and James to realise that by working together they had a lot to offer the wider business community, resulting in the develo

Why Caitlin is sure about StaffSure

Caitlin Iustini is proud that her Perth-based Technical Resources business was one of the first companies in Western Australia to put their hand up RCSA’s StaffSure program, and believes more should be following suit. Caitlin, an Operations Manager, and her team recently underwent the StaffSure Workforce Services Provider Certification program. “We started the StaffSure process six months ago because we wanted to make sure we were doing the right things by our staff, clients and candidates and to ensure we were compliant in every way required,” Caitlin explained. “We also saw going through StaffSure as a way for us to demonstrate that we are serious about recruiting ethically and having the

Layne Beachley – tackling demons and self-doubt to achieve success

Layne had the audience gripped at the RCSA conference as she recounted her path to become a seven time World Champion and occasional rapper. Here she shares the lessons along the way. The last thing most people would think when they look at seven times’ World Surfing Champion Layne Beachley is “this is a woman who knows what it feels like to live with a lack of self-worth”. But as she told attendees at the RCSA conference in Noosa, it was this need to prove herself which compelled her to succeed. Late on the second afternoon of a two-day conference is a tough speaking gig for most people, unless of course you are Layne Beachley. As the final speaker of the conference, Beachley had those in t

Gender quotas in the workplace: Do they work and should we have them?

As the voices grow louder demanding equality in the workplace - as women continue to be under-represented in senior positions and a significant wages gap still exists - we look at gender quotas, what they are, whether they work and if we should have them. Gender quotas: it is a contentious topic that elicits some strong opinions. Yet with women continuing to be under-represented on company boards and paid less than men on average, there is clearly more that still needs to be done to redress gender inequality. Steven Ansicar, Managing Director of Diversity Australia since 2015, said gender diversity in the workplace had been shown to improve the morale and often the bottom line of businesses.

Should we change our thinking around measuring performance beyond KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been around in one form or another since the beginning of business. We ask four experts their thoughts on KPIs and you may be surprised by their answers. KPIs have long been accepted as part of the job in recruitment, after all it’s critical to measure the cost of each placement, the number of qualified candidates per placement, days to offer, retention and of course billings. Or is it? At the recent RCSA conference in Noosa there was a lot of talk about how useful and relevant these historical measures of success are today. Some in the sector believe they are as useful as ever citing the adage: what you don’t measure you can’t manage. Others argued tha

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