The ins and outs of outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a rapidly growing industry that is polarising the sector. Some believe it will be a good thing, while others are as adamant it is a new form of competition which should have recruiters scared. We look at what it all means. There is no doubt most Australian and New Zealand businesses are feeling the pinch of a market where margins are lower and quality candidates are becoming harder to find. So is the solution outsourcing recruitment offshore, or does the outsourcing of recruitment represent another level of competition in what is already a fiercely competitive sector? Beepo, an Australian-owned outsourcing company operating out of the Philippines, added rec

Living and working with epilepsy

I’m Sam and I have epilepsy. It’s not the usual way I introduce myself. In fact I’d guess that most people who know me will be completely unaware that I even have epilepsy. They would be more used to: “I’m Sam, I’m a Brit, I have a rambunctious but adorable Dachshund named Tilly, and you will usually find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen with a fabulous glass of red wine in my hand. Oh, and I’m also a recruiter!” However, over the last couple of months not only has the red wine had to go (much to my despair) but the phrase “I have epilepsy” has been on the tip of my tongue. I have dreaded the moment I’m going to have to tell a friend, colleague, client or total stranger that I have epile

Strike a healthy balance: Getting medical recruitment right

Ryan Kevelighan, Managing Director of Global Medics Australasia (pictured left), looks at the unique challenges medical recruiters face and how the sector continues to reposition itself to remain competitive in a high-pressured and fast-paced market. Have you ever wondered what the life of a doctor must be like? Australia and New Zealand combined have approximately 120,000 doctors registered to practice and, between them, they work in a diverse range of geographies, climates, cultures and demographics. It requires six years at university to obtain a primary medical degree, with a further two to three years of post-graduate rotational placements to be completed before a doctor can enter spec

Changing the labour hire paradigm one apprentice at a time

As a strategy to retain labour hire staff, offer them career pathways and address the shortage of women participating in the sector, New Zealand’s Building Recruitment has developed its own apprentice training program. Managing Director Kevin Everett (pictured left) explained the program was developed in response to industry and candidate feedback where labour hire staff made it clear they did not believe they had long-term careers in the sector. “Labour hire is such a big part of the building industry but many, labour hire companies have a reputation for treating people as if they are just a number,” Everett said. “We believe labour hire companies should be more involved in the training of

Diversity: A key ingredient for delivering exceptional care

Most companies today have worked out the benefits of employing a diverse workforce, which include increased creativity and innovation, better customer service and consumer understanding, improved team performance, stronger collaboration and enhanced reputation. The reality is that diversity and inclusion are no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but a necessity which makes good business sense. Statistics support the philosophy that ‘diversity is good for business’ with indisputable evidence showing companies with a strong diversity and inclusion agenda having increased performance and revenue growth against companies of comparative size and industry. We have certainly found this to be the case with Dr

Record of Work app making life easier for apprentices

For Josh Galuszka (pictured below) a philosophy of keeping it simple has proven to be stunningly successful for him and could yet prove to be a relief to thousands of apprentices throughout New Zealand. Josh is a Wellington based Recruitment Consultant with KeySkills Recruitment and the creator behind the Record of Work app which records the on-the-job training notes for apprentice carpenters. The app, which started as a thought three years ago, saw Josh win an Award for Excellence at the 2018 NZ Microsoft ICT Awards. “I guess that means I’m legit now,” Josh, who developed the app on the side while working with Key Skills NZ said. “I can finally get over the massive sense of impostor syndrom

MYEFO 2018-19 RCSA Analysis

The Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) forecast report was released by the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, reevaluating the May budget forecast and costings. The RCSA has analysed the report to deliver some insight on business and operational implications of these forecasts to our members and the broader industry. Economic Forecast update On the report, the federal government has reduced the real GDP prediction for the remainder of the year to 2.75% from an anticipated 3% growth that was estimated in May. Unemployment however is predicted to remain at 5% through to 2022. Labour market participation is predicted to remain at 65.5% with exports estimated to increase by

Building resilience in your workforce

Resilience is a person’s ability to recover, thrive and succeed during challenge, change and adversity. It is also their ability to develop a thicker coat of armour to prevent the impact of future stresses. And yet applying resiliency when in a difficult moment can be challenging for many people. What we are finding is that resilience is being lost and this is having a detrimental impact on individuals and businesses alike. We live in a society which is so fast-paced and so demanding that we have lost the understanding of why we are alive and instead of working to live, we are living to work. By using simple steps, we help participants understand where their resilience is low and help them t

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