Why being open to lifelong learning is the key to success

In the latest of RCSA and LinkedIn’s The New Face of Recruitment: Female Leaders Paving the Way series, Lezly Dlimi, Regional Director (WA/SA/NT) with Building Careers, talks to LinkedIn's Hannah Kissel and Clara McCarthy about what being a female leader in recruitment means, the importance of cultivating the right company culture and why it’s so important to simply thank your team for their work. Q. Before starting in recruitment nine years ago, you worked in real estate. What skills did you find were transferable between the two and were they what you most needed to be successful in recruitment? A. Starting in recruitment changed the trajectory of my life because I found a career that I ex

The Brief sits down with Louie Gorgijeski from Prime Super

Leading superannuation fund Prime Super is the principal partner and long-time supporter of the RCSA. The Brief sat down with Regional Manager Louie Gorgijeski to discuss his personal life, his career and the superannuation challenges facing RCSA members. Q: Tell us about Louie Gorgijeski away from work. I grew up in Sydney for the first 13 years of my life and then Dad and Mum decided to move to Brisbane after the World Expo in 1988, as Dad worked in the construction industry. I’m married to Anna, who works in the aged care sector as a construction manager and we have three amazing kids – Matthew, 12, Kate, 10, and Elizabeth, 3, as well as one crazy Boston Terrier called Billy. Away from wo

RCSA is keeping members updated on Coronavirus

In light of the escalation of the Coronavirus threat to workplaces across Australia and New Zealand, the RCSA is committed to doing everything it can to keep our members fully informed with accurate, reliable information. The landing page on our website RCSA.com.au is now home to a range of information on the virus itself, its possible impact on the recruitment and staffing industry and how RCSA members can deal with issues affecting their staff and clients. The topics covered include everything from working from home procedures to how to keep your staff and clients safe. RCSA staff are working on new podcasts and webinars while also lobbying governments as they continue to make decisions th

Why personal branding is vital if you want to build trust

Great company brands are clear about who they are, why they do what do, and what differentiates them. They provide stellar products and services, create raving fans, build communities, and often charge a premium fee to willing customers. Their marketing is religiously consistent, on message, always actively creating value and building brand equity. Your personal brand should be no different. This is what all recruiters should be aiming for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recruitment owner, senior manager or consultant; you’re all in the business of selling and it’s paramount you’re building trust. Brands go to great efforts to be more human. This is where your personal brand is at a distinct

RCSA members urged to support ACCI campaign

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron has urged members to get behind a campaign to encourage the Senate to vote in favour of the Ensuring Integrity Bill. Charles recently received a letter from James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, advising it had launched the campaign after a last-minute rejection of the previous version of the Bill in late 2019. The rejection came despite significant efforts by ACCI members and active advocacy by the organisation. “James has reiterated that, contrary to union claims, these changes are no threat to the vast majority of unions and unionists who operate within the law,” Charles said. “The ACCI has consistently backed these changes since t

A year of transformation for the World Employment Confederation

"Transformation" has been quite a central theme for the World Employment Confederation in 2019. Our sector is accompanying the transformation of the world of work and as our brand new 2019 Activity Reports shows, we have created many opportunities throughout the last year demonstrating this positive contribution. From global and European advocacy to thought leadership, profiling, capacity building and best practice sharing, you will find many examples illustrated in our Activity Report. But transformation was also central for our organisation itself. With new websites, publications and platforms to engage with our members, our Confederation is now equipped with a comprehensive toolbox that w

Why we need a better understanding of the key drivers shaping the workforce

I am tired of hearing the over-use of the terms "gig economy" and "the future of work", which confuse the debate around the best way to adapt to changes in the New Zealand labour market. It seems many observers are struggling to accept what is "the now of work" and are holding onto outdated and limited views of what constitutes a "good job". The reality in New Zealand is that forms of "non-standard work" (self-employed, casual, fixed-term, temporary and seasonal) collectively remain a significant portion of our workforce, steadily increasingly along with the overall employment rate - with greater flexibility enabling better workforce participation. Importantly, the New Zealand Productivity C

What do the changes to annualised salary provisions mean to you?

You may have seen recent reports of several large Australian employers allegedly committing what is colloquially referred to as “wage theft”. Employers must be vigilant that their employees are paid correctly and even more so from 1 March, 2020. Late last year the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision which altered annualised salary provisions under 22 modern awards from 1 March 2020. The Awards affected can be found on the Fair Work Commission’s website and include the Banking, Finance and Administration Award, the Clerks – Private Sector Award, the Legal Award and the Pharmacy Award. This will undoubtedly affect a lot of white collar employees. Currently the relevant Award allows an

Have your say in survey of career development professionals

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), in cooperation with the National Careers Institute (NCI), has launched a national survey of Career Development Practitioners and those working in the area of career development. As the career development landscape in Australia changes, CICA has commissioned McCrindle Research, to gain a greater understanding of the key markers of quality and the structures required to scale career development provision. The research findings will help CICA better support career development practitioners and the wider industry as well as providing greater understandings for those stakeholders that engage with the industry. The findings of the research will b

Mentoring program is providing invaluable guidance

Emerging and new recruitment leaders are receiving invaluable advice and guidance through the PEARL (Professional, Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) Mentoring Program offered through the RCSA. Learning and Development Manager Cheryll Seslija said the ethos of PEARL is to develop future leaders. PEARL is an outlet towards building our next generation of talent and designed to give new and emerging leaders an opportunity to learn from the best of the best. “It provides opportunities for mentors to contribute to the wellbeing of the industry by passing on their knowledge and experience to others through reflection on their own practices and exposure to new ideas, interests and opportun

New Zealand discussions focused on unlocking recruiter professional development

I recently undertook a series of roundtable talks across New Zealand, inviting key L&D leads to discuss how to unlock recruiter professional development. The informal sessions took me to Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch over four days and were designed to encourage members to discuss trends and the barriers they faced when trying to develop people. Our members are investing substantially in skills development, the purpose of my trip was to meet and establish relationships with relevant leaders enabling them to understand the full L&D suite available to their teams, and collaborate on L&D themes as in industry. I was also able to highlight RCSA’s L&D future options, so members

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