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Government working with RCSA to find jobs for at-risk job seekers

The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) has called on the government to continue its active engagement with the professional recruitment and employment services industry as it seeks to capture the potential and opportunity that comes through work for at-risk job seekers as part of the ‘revolutionary change’ to the welfare system announced yesterday.

The Department of Employment has been working with the peak industry body for the professional recruitment and employment services industry in conducting roundtable discussions with RCSA members about ways Government funded employment services may work more closely with the private recruitment sector.

“These roundtables have been a good opportunity for the Department to gain an understanding of job opportunities that may exist with RCSA members across a number of industry sectors,” said RCSA CEO Charles Cameron.

“In a discussion just yesterday with the Department of Employment in Melbourne, RCSA members in the Aged and Community Care sector identified several roles in the community and home care sector that benefit greatly from the real experiences of caring for family members in the home. They look at these soft skills as much as they do training achievement,” said Mr Cameron.

“We look forward to working further with the Department in pilot projects that will bring together Government and Private employment services, as well as employers and organisations, as we explore new ways to build work opportunities for at-risk job seekers.” RCSA members employ over 500,000 workers around Australia in jobs across virtually every sector of the economy, including the Aged and Community care sectors.

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