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NZ recruiters rally against racist and unethical behaviour

This morning, the New Zealand Human Right Commission posted an audio recording of a recruiter engaging in appallingly unethical behaviour.

You can access the post here:

The New Zealand recruitment industry proudly stood up against this behaviour, and rallied on twitter using the hashtag #SheDoesNotSpeakForUs.

The attitude and actions of this one recruiter does not reflect our industry, and this has been shown loudly and clearly by the backlash this morning by reputable recruiters and agencies who do the right thing and are equally appalled by this recording.

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron responded to the post on twitter saying, "I am appalled that anyone speaks to another human being like this, especially when holding a position of trust as a recruiter"

As your industry body, we have made steps to work with the NZ Human Rights Commission to investigate this incident in further detail, and to stamp out this kind of prejudice. The NZ Human Rights Commission are currently involved in a public campaign to end racism, which the RCSA fully supports.

At the RCSA we stand proudly behind this industry which, through the hard work and dedication of recruiters, positively changes lives. Last night the industry celebrated exactly what makes recruitment the amazing industry it is, acknowledging those who have displayed excellence in Client Service, Safety, Candidate Care, Social Responsibility.

As Charles said at the RCSA Winter Ball & Industry Awards last night, "there is no better time than now to stand up for our industry. I have been so proud of the passion of New Zealand recruiters, improving lives and economies!

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