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Recognising the Value of Work to Change Lives

The value of work to change lives was on-show when the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA), the peak industry body for the workforce services and recruitment industry in New Zealand, announced the winners of the RCSA Industry Awards at the RCSA Winter Ball last night in Auckland.

Speaking to industry leaders and recruiters, Charles Cameron, CEO of the RCSA noted the power of the recruitment industry to change lives in New Zealand.

“There is no better time than now to stand up for our Industry. I have been so proud of NZ recruiters, your passion and commitment is unrivalled. We improve lives and economies,” said Mr Cameron.

The RCSA Industry Award winners were in five categories:

SEEK Professional Recruiter of the Year: Hannah Mundell (APRCSA) (CIGNA)

Hannah’s professional approach demonstrates that a Made in New Zealand attitude has the power to change the recruitment practices of a global organisation. Noted for her power networking and willingness to embrace every available opportunity to find talent in new and unusual places, Hannah demonstrates that recruitment changes lives – whether you are internal or external to an organisation.

CXC Global Corporate Social Responsibility Award: ERG Recruitment (Auckland)

CSR requires passion and a commitment that brings together social awareness and business acumen to create opportunities that impact the community in a meaningful and sustainable way. Fiona and John have demonstrated their leadership from the front which has inspired their organisation and, their clients and candidates.

Trade Me Jobs Excellence in Candidate Care Award: Tradestaff (Christchurch)

Involvement at all stages of the selection process, through to providing a container to ship OH&S gear and household items back to the Island demonstrated Tradestaff’s commitment to the welfare of Pasifika workers.

FastTrack Excellence in Client Service Award: Randstad (Auckland)

With 84% of people saying they would leave their current job to work for a company with a better corporate reputation, the value of insight allows this award winner to build deep and lasting relationships with their clients. The Randstad Employer Branding Research surveys approximately 8,000 Kiwi’s annually on their perceptions of the 150 largest organisations in New Zealand.

ACC Health & Safety Impact Award: Enterprise Recruitment (Christchurch)

The Christchurch based recruiter is utilising short and engaging videos Enterprise can now send safety messages and information to every work site and worker when, and at the time they are most required by workers. "Our goal is to “Improve Lives” and so safety isn’t just an Enterprise matter, it is simply about having everyone go home safely each day."

Thank you to our sponsors whose support ensured that we were able to put on a dazzling night, filled with celebration and dancing, thoroughly enjoyed by New Zealand's recruitment professionals. A big thank you to our Award sponsors: Seek Trade Me Jobs CXC Global ANZ ACC FastTrack Thank you to our entertainment sponsor, RDB and to our photo-booth sponsor, Scottish Pacific Business Finance. Nominations for the 2018 RCSA Industry Awards will be announced later in the year.

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