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RCSA's open letter to the New Zealand Human Rights Commission

Dear Dame Susan,

Earlier today RCSA, the peak industry and professional body for recruitment in New Zealand, became aware of a racist audio recording posted on social media by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission which, if genuine, disgusts our Members and our proud association.

The recording of the self-proclaimed ‘recruiter’ exhibits behaviour which has no place, whatsoever, in our industry, our profession nor our country. I write on behalf of the Chair of the RCSA New Zealand Council, and our wider membership, to affirm our commitment to human rights and the prevention of racism in New Zealand workplaces and society.

RCSA recruiters are proud ambassadors of human rights and practice and promote equality and tolerance every day in every industry they service.

We are proud of what we do to improve lives, communities and the economy, of which migrants are an integral part. Whilst the Commission is still to confirm whether the individual recorded was genuinely practising as a recruiter, we wish to advise the complainant that the RCSA has a longstanding Code for Professional Conduct which prohibits such racist, disrespectful and unprofessional conduct, and that our Constitution provides for sanctions against recruiters and firms which breach our code, where they are a member of our association.

For further information on our Code of Professional Conduct, and to make a complaint, we strongly encourage the complainant to contact me personally or go to and click on the membership tab which will lead the complainant to how he or she can lodge a complaint.

I was in Auckland when I became aware of this recording, having just awarded five of our members for outstanding professional behaviour in the fields of corporate social responsibility, work safety and candidate care.

Therefore, the contrast to what we promote and celebrate within RCSA could not have been starker. In fact, the recipient of our Award for Candidate Care won for a fantastic program where they trained less fortunate individuals, from outside New Zealand, to become tradespersons and to contribute to New Zealand and their home nation.

Our award winner for Corporate Social Responsibility won for their ongoing commitment to paying it forward to support marginalised members of our community.

We, as the true professionals, stand by you and the Human Rights Commission in giving nothing to racism and are anxious to use such examples of poor behaviour as an opportunity to define all that is great about our industry and the true recruitment professionals, whilst stamping racism out.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at our next NZ Council Meeting to discuss how we, at RCSA, can work more intimately with the Human Rights Commission on addressing direct and indirect racism within New Zealand society. Together we will grow stronger through tolerance and equality.

Yours sincerely, Charles Cameron Chief Executive Officer

This letter was published first on the New Zealand Human Rights Commission website.

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