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Labour Hire licencing - What is the RCSA doing about it?

The following is an update on the recent activity from the RCSA and its Members advocating against the proposed Labour Hire Licencing scheme in a number of states in Australia.

ACT Labour Hire Industry under the Microscope.

The ACT Government has announced it will conduct an inquiry into the Labour Hire industry in ACT.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are very broad and, encompasses a range of areas including: group training, labour hire, sham contracting, immigration and misuse of working visas, exploitation of workers and the impact of insecure work and under-employment.

RCSA has made a submission to the inquiry, which follows similar inquiries in South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

Public hearing(s) will be held later in August and RCSA will be asking members to participate by providing evidence to the inquiry about the clear differences between professional practices of RCSA members and dodgy and illegal practices.

RCSA Members present evidence to Queensland Inquiry into Labour Hire Licensing Bill

RCSA members Sinead Hourigan FRCSA (Robert Walters), Cameron Hockaday (WorkPac), Tom Reardon (AWX) and Natalie Stewart (Protech) presented evidence in June to the Finance and Administration Committee to provide the views of our industry about key aspects of the Labour Hire Licensing Bill that has been introduced to the Queensland Parliament. Further information about the Bill and a report from the Finance and Administration Committee is available from the Committee website.

South Australia drafting Bill for Labour Hire Licensing

During July the South Australian Government announced it is drafting a bill to license the ‘labour-hire’ industry in South Australia. A draft of the Bill is expected shortly, following which RCSA will review the Bill and coordinate a Webinar with members in mid-August.

Victorian Government considering design for ‘Labour-Hire’ licensing scheme

The Victorian Government has committed to implement some of licensing scheme for the ‘Labour-Hire’ industry in Victoria. RCSA has been actively engaged with Victorian Government advisors and the regulatory consultant engaged to make recommendations on the design of a scheme.

RCSA’s key points have focused on maintaining a focus on the high risk sectors (horticulture, cleaning and meat processing) identified in the report (Victorian Inquiry into the Labour Hire Industry and Insecure Work) and putting in place settings that encourage best practice among buyers of ‘Labour-Hire’ services in any regulatory scheme.

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