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RCSA Seeking Reclassification of Recruitment Consultants to Medium Term List

The Federal Government recently reclassified the role of Recruitment Consultant to the short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL). RCSA plans to lobby government to move the role of recruitment consultant to the medium term skilled migration list (MLTSSL).

A significant hurdle to achieving this will be revising the ABS (ANZSCO for Australia and New Zealand) job definitions to include a stand-alone definition and tasks for the role of Recruitment Consultant. Currently the role of Human Resources Officer combines several recruitment functions within its definition.

RCSA will pursue an application to define and singularly classify the role and tasks of a Recruitment Consultant as a stand-alone occupation. This will recognise the skills and professionalism of consultants in our industry and will clearly define the role and importance of the work of a Recruitment Consultants in the management of human capital and resources.

To achieve this, we need the assistance of our Members and our Industry:

  1. Step one is to identify a common job description and tasks required of a Recruitment Consultant as the basis on which to prepare a common industry Job Description that clearly defines the role of Recruitment Consultant and differentiates the tasks and therefore skills of a Recruitment Consultant versus Human Resource Professionals.

  2. Your Assistance Required: Members asked to provide to RCSA sample job descriptions that will assist in developing a common job description for a Recruitment Consultant.

  3. Step two will be to validate and demonstrate there are skills shortages which are affecting the industry’s ability to recruit suitably qualified recruitment consultants. We will support this with case studies of recruitment difficulties and projections of future demand for the role of Recruitment Consultant – based on the tasks identified, and sector occupational skills.

  4. Your Assistance Required: Member insights and feedback regarding skill shortages for Recruitment Consultants in your firm or the sectors you operate in. This is to highlight skill, rather than people shortages.

  5. Your Assistance Required: Provide to the RCSA case studies that illustrate difficulties in recruiting Recruitment Consultants and the affect this has had on your ability to work/grow with clients, employ more people and create employment opportunities. Written or video case studies would be great.

The outcome will be recognition of Recruitment Consultant as a stand-alone occupation/role, which provides a stronger case for reclassification of the role to the medium term skills list, and further validation of this essential role in further developing professionalism in the industry.

RCSA’s immigration advisor, Lisa O’Hara, believes it will be very difficult to realise a move without a clear differentiation of the tasks/role of a Recruitment Consultant.

Please provide any or all of the above to Simon Schweigert or Meredith Bower If you have any queries or questions please contact Simon at the RCSA on (03) 9663 0555.

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