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Fiona Harland's key takeaways from the RCSA Conference in Fiji

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed and welcome than a 'Bula' Fijian smile and a 30 Degree humid warm heat that wraps around you like a winter blanket...after a long cold winter it was a great start to the conference.

The Power of the Community was evident as speakers focused on how we could take their messages back to our own tribes and into our communities.

Dr Jason Fox was a real highlight for me as much of the youth work I do requires 'building a community that feels effortless and safe' and 'playing with default boundaries' as we step in and out of local Government and the education system that seems to get in the way of meaningful progress.

I attended Marina Pullen - The Emergence of the Gig Economy- taking lots of screenshots of her presentation to use in client is our temping future.

Prue Gilbert also inspired with her Gender Agenda...I loved her take on the Juggler (see my Tweets @fiharland) and using a Jim Morrison quote - Pure genius!

James Christopheson – brought me back to what is my ‘Why’ and as I am a firm believer in volunteer work it was great to hear from Sam Johnson.

Rachael Robertson kept the audience well engaged with her inspirational story and leadership gems...We have downloaded no triangles!

Deng Adut left us in tears – what a survivor.

But if there is one thing that left an even warmer place in my heart (although the So Spa massage was AMAZING!) The Children that sang and entertained us on Thursday night and then again on Friday were inspirational.

Children are our future and the donation from the RCSA will be a gift to their community that will keep on giving long after our footprints have washed from the sandy beach.

Written by Fiona Harland FRCSA

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