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What drew me back to recruitment

November 19, 2019

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R U OK? is more than a slogan

September 14, 2017





We've all been there, right? 


I've had my ups and downs as many do. One particularly difficult day left me feeling in an almost hopeless state of despair. 


I had been experiencing a slow and painful build up of work and personal stress for a number of months and after an altercation with a colleague, it triggered an unfamiliar reaction. For the first time ever, I sat there at my desk - crying. Yes - That's right. Thankfully, no one else was around at the time! 


I, like so many of us, had ended up overworking myself to the point of losing control of the small things. I felt like I was spinning plates in the air. The combination of personal life challenges, a toxic work environment, and this prolonged stress was having negative effects on many aspects of my life including my health, and my relationships. Having suffered depression as a teenager, I am always weary of the chances of spiralling into it again. 

I drove home with tears running down my face that day. I felt like a huge failure and wondered what i was even doing with my life. I began to think of quitting everything. When i got home, a message popped up on my phone from an old colleague asking me why I didn't have "project management' on my skills list on LinkedIn as they wanted to endorse me for it. I almost laughed and said, "Really? Are you sure? I don't feel very good at my job right now," and they replied, "of course! You are a fantastic project manager...