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RCSA unveils new brand

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand’s peak body for the recruitment, consulting and staffing industry, RCSA, unveiled their fresh new look today at their annual conference at Fiji.

The modern brand reflects RCSA’s new focus as Leaders in the World of Work and their mission to deliver a world-class and member-centric experience that empowers its members and inspires the next generation of professionals. At the unveiling, RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said the brand is more than just a new logo; it signifies a new and exciting phase in RCSA’s history.

The presentation was accompanied by a brand launch video.

“A lot of thought went into this new brand as we wanted to take this opportunity to further evaluate what we could do better and what else needed a refresh,” Mr Cameron said. “As part of the process, we stepped back and took a look at what we needed to change to lead in the new world of work and, importantly, how we can further empower members to improve lives, communities and the economy,” he said. “Just as our industry must continue to evolve to remain relevant, and at the forefront of the business community and its needs, we needed to re-examine our purpose and how we can deliver new value in the world of work, where digital evolution and automation are synonymous with innovation.” RCSA is a respected industry leader with a long history in the sector, setting the benchmark for industry standards through representation, education, research and business advisory support to its member organisations.

As part of the brand, RCSA have launched four new channels of member-centricity:

1. Promote and Protect the Industry 2. Pathways to Professionalism 3. Business Enablement 4. Networking and Celebration

“All of this will be reflected in everything we do, from our representations to key stakeholders such as government officials, media and client groups through to events and our member group engagements,” Mr Cameron said.

“We are dedicated to leading and influencing key stakeholders in conversations about the world of work.”

This media release appeared first on the RCSA website.

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