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8 must haves for Corporate Travel Insurance

With spring well and truly in the air and with thoughts of holidays filling our minds, it is worth taking a moment to consider what protection you have in place if your holiday doesn’t quite go to plan.

Recently, I took my young family to Europe and Thailand and after 20 days of relatively trouble and stress free times (bearing in mind my children are three-year-old twins!), an hour before we were due to fly home my son took a tumble and split open his lip. After the initial shock we knew he needed medical help and we rushed him to the local clinic for stitching up.

One quick phone call to our Corporate Travel Emergency Assistance hotline confirmed that all his medical costs, any additional flight charges, as well as extra nights’ accommodation, if needed, would be completely covered. Of course, I knew this to be the case but in the moment having someone to immediately talk through our options was a huge relief.

Corporate Travel insurance provides a very wide range of benefits to businesses who send their employees inter/intrastate, or overseas on business.

Also, all private travel for a company director and their family is automatically covered.

8 must haves:

Some of the key benefits and those which are most often required, include:

1. Overseas medical evacuation expenses Unlimited cover

2. Loss of deposits $20,000 per person

3. Cancellation $1 million

4. Personal baggage $20,000

5. Electronic equipment $10,000

6. Money and travel documents $5,000 in cash and document replacement costs

7. Rental vehicle excess $10,000 for any hire-car excess in the event of an accident or collision

8. Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Not only are trips interstate and overseas covered, but any trip that is 50km from home base would trigger the policy.

From just $610 for up to 10 overseas trips and 50 inter/intrastate trips, a Corporate Travel policy is a very cost effective option giving you and your employee’s peace of mind should travel not quite go as planned.

To learn more of to take out a policy, please contact RCSA Insurance on 03 9233 8505 or email

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