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Time to roll up your sleeves and get involved in Councils

This year's RCSA (Australia) Recruiter of the Year Award recipient, Erin Devlin MRCSA shares her experience on RCSA council groups.


I joined the RCSA Council group back in 2011. The reason I joined was so that I could contribute back to the industry, have an influence on key issues that affect our industry, and learn from industry peers.

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to influence outcomes for key issues that affect our industry. It's also great to have that increased knowledge and expertise due to information communicated from RCSA, and between my industry peers from our regular council meetings.

I believe in being proactive and having an influence. Getting involved in council is a way of rolling up the sleeves and getting involved, instead of commenting from the sidelines. If you are involved in council, you can make a difference to our industry and the challenges it faces.

In my experience, I have found it is very collaborative, inclusive and solution focused. Our ideas have been heard and have influenced many of the changes we have seen at RCSA.

It’s great to see feedback taken on board and implemented with great outcomes.

Now that council nominations have come around, I would definitely recommend my peers and colleagues to get involved in councils!

If you want to make a difference to our industry, influence the future of our industry and learn from some of the industry’s best, then council can be a great place to do that.


Board and Council nominations are now open until Monday 16 October 2017.

Click here to find out more from our website and to download your nomination forms.

RCSA Region Councils: As per the Constitution of the RCSA, the following Region Councils have vacancies:

  • New Zealand

  • New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory

  • Queensland/Northern Territory

  • South Australia

  • Victoria/Tasmania

  • Western Australia

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