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Australia considers removing Recruitment Consultants from Skilled Occupation List

The Government is considering removing Recruitment Consultants from the skilled occupation list, which manages skilled migrant needs.

These occupation lists are used for skilled migration to meet short and medium/long term needs for the Australian economy. This includes subclasses 457 temporary and 186 permanent visas. Recruitment consultants are currently on the (short term) STSOL allowing subclasses 457 visa applications for Recruitment Consultants for periods up to two years.

The notion that the Australian Government may remove recruitment consultants from their Strategic Skilled Occupation List makes absolutely no sense and can be detrimental to the Australian economy, according to RCSA’s CEO Charles Cameron.

Visa Occupation List

image sourced from,au

This will have a crippling impact on the industry and the business and government clients that rely on those consultants to help them service the Australian economy and public.

RCSA is working hard with members to reduce reliance upon foreign Recruitment Consultants, but the industry will be significantly impacted if the Government removes this capacity now.

There is a public consultation period for interested parties to make submissions on why Recruitment Consultants should not be removed from the skilled occupation list.

RCSA is encouraging all recruitment, staffing and talent acquisition firms to let the Department know that this decision makes no sense, by making a submission here before the cut-off date on 1 December.

The Australian Government has already made it harder for Australian businesses to find skilled workers through recent changes to the 457 visa and now they are proposing to make it even harder for specialists to find skilled Australian workers for business. It just doesn’t make any sense. Let your voice be heard.


RCSA will also be preparing our submission on the matter before 1 December. RCSA Corporate Members have been sent an in depth update.

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