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Walking the path to success, their way

DIONNE Sharp and Jody Fazldeen recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their recruitment firm, Talentpath Recruitment, with a cocktail soiree attended by their valued clients, candidates and team.

Directors Dionne and Jody started Talentpath in 2007 with a small office in Brisbane. Today, they have offices and teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and their head office still in their home town.

“It has been such a rewarding journey,” Dionne said. “We were lucky to be able to take the experience we had gathered in the years before to create a recruitment firm, which reflected our own views and values, a firm focused on changing lives.

“This allowed us to attract consultants who were honest, genuinely passionate about people and recruitment and have the utmost integrity. Starting from there, we have been able to develop a strong business with offices across Australia.

“While it is the realisation of a dream to have a successful recruitment firm, for me, the true enjoyment of my work comes from taking the time to get to know my clients and candidates because each person has a different journey, and so they each require an individual approach.

“And ensuring each client and candidate is afforded a personal experience is exactly what we are about.”

It’s this strong focus on relationships, which saw many of Talentpath’s original and loyal clients who joined them back in 2007 help Dionne and Jody celebrate their 10th anniversary.

While helping to match clients and candidates is the focus of the business, Talentpath has learned a lot about creating the right work environment for its staff and encourages clients to do the same.

For Jody and Dionne, this means offering a dynamic, innovative business environment that allows their team to be truly creative and consultative in their approach to working with candidates and clients. An inclusive, high performing, supportive and fun culture along with above award leave allowances, results-based outcomes rather than KPIs and world leading technology platforms sets them apart.

“For us, there is very much a focus on ensuring our consultants have the flexibility to run their desks like their own businesses,” Jody said. “When what you do is very personal to you, it ensures a genuine, authentic personal approach is delivered to your clients and candidates.”

Jody said while technology, efficient systems and processes are critical to delivering recruitment outcomes, she cautions the sector that the need for a personal touch will - and should – always remain a touchstone of the recruitment sector.

“We think it is important to make sure we don’t lose the ‘personal’ from the search for ‘personnel,” Jody added.

“Recruitment is not a transactional service as some seem to believe. It is a professional service and should be treated as such.

“Our industry is renowned for classifying people into niche markets. We prefer to specialise in working with candidates as career coaches offering guidance and developing a strong pool of quality talent.”

As for the future of Talentpath Recruitment, both Dionne and Jody are confident their approach of embracing new technologies and tools within the sector, while retaining a focus on keeping the recruitment journey positive for all involved has them staring at ongoing success.

“We have worked hard to develop the team we have to make sure we can help clients develop their own teams and candidates their own careers,” Jody said. “It is a privilege indeed to work in the recruitment sector.”

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