Get Gritty To Be A Future-Fit Recruiter - 7 Tips To Build Resilience In Sales

For recruiters, it’s the worst of times, and the best of times.

The world of recruitment is transforming – and fast. Artificial intelligence is at the centre of that change. Here’s the rub. Much of what the recruitment consultant does today will be replaced by machines.

Stay calm. This is actually good news. Huh? Being replaced by a machine is good news? Yes!

Change is our friend. As technology evolves recruitment, the human factor becomes even more valuable in the process. There are critical things that ONLY real people can do in recruitment. The better you get at these aspects, the more successful you will be.

Key in the future-fit recruiters’ toolkit is the ability to sell. The art of persuasion is a human skill. Being able to persuade candidates and clients to say ‘yes’ to our ideas and thinking is at the core of the future-fit recruiters’ differentiation and value proposition.

But ‘selling’ is difficult. It requires evolving and lifting your skills in how you engage with clients and candidates. You need, for example, to build your credibility, become a powerful storyteller, an adept negotiator, a savvy manager of ‘key moments’ along the recruitment process, and brilliant at leading clients and candidates every step along the path.

No-one is born a great salesperson. You need to learn these skills. Here’s the good news. Small steps of improvement in selling capabilities will make a massive, fast difference to your effectiveness and results.

When you are converting your sales efforts, it’s an amazing, energising feeling. Celebrate and savour those moments. Selling can also be a grind. It requires persistent, and a tough skin. You will get far more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes’s’ during the sale process, no matter how brilliant you are. And those ‘no’s’ can deplete you.

Great sales people, in any industry, know building ‘grittiness’ and resilience is at the core of success. Learn to love ‘no.’ Setbacks are part of selling, and a reality of the future-fit recruiters’ daily life. Building resilience, then, is one of the first steps to future-proofing your career.

Here are 7 ideas on how to build resilience in sales.

  1. Anticipate setbacks. Get your mindset right. Accept you will get knock-backs. When you get a ‘no’ celebrate. Every ‘no’ is a step closer to a ‘yes’. Be optimistic!

  2. Stay ‘green.’ If you are green, you grow. If you are ripe, you rot. Understand that in selling, you will always be learning. Every time you get a setback, see it as a learning experience. Take the lesson from it, and move on.

  3. Face your fears. Making ‘that phone call’ can cause butterflies and stress. You can often stall or avoid the tough moment. Teach yourself to have ’10 seconds of courage.’ Coach yourself to be brave, just for 10 seconds, and make the call. Use these moments of courage to leap your barriers and fears.

  4. Get a second opinion. If your placements are declining and the ‘no’s’ rising, ask a colleague to hear your sales pitch. Or to critique a key conversation you are about to have. Get feedback. Feedback is the food of champions.

  5. Pump your tyres. When you’re feeling depleted, spend time with people who lift your spirits, who give you hope. Or do something you know energises you. Exercise is a brilliant option here.

  6. Momentum is everything. Little bits of momentum are key. Look out for little signs of success and positivity. Getting meetings set up or phone calls returned is a good start. Catch yourself doing things right rather than focusing on what’s not working.

  7. Reset and take action. Keep resetting goals. Set short-term achievable goals. And then regularly clear the page, and start again by setting new goals within shorter timeframes.

Recruiters who can sell – who can persuade effectively – have a future-fit and powerful career in this industry. These skills can be learnt. Commit now to working on lifting to next level in sales for 2018. Attending ‘Savage Sell’ in March would be a very good start! And remember – central to being a great sales person is resilience. Toughen up. Take care of yourself. And sell your socks off!

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