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New Zealand Advocacy Update - StaffSure in New Zealand


The StaffSure certification program continues to go from strength to strength in New Zealand as both consumers and providers of workforce services recognise its effectiveness in supporting informed choices about the quality and legitimacy of labour hire services.

Several RCSA members from New Zealand recently took part in a pilot program of StaffSure. RCSA applauds all companies that participated in the pilot for proactively raising the standard in New Zealand.

StaffSure will help keep the New Zealand labour market professional. It will allow businesses to confidently choose reputable providers with proven business integrity who look after their workers and don’t pose a risk for those that rely upon them in business.

Workers and jobseekers should preference StaffSure certified firms because they will know that a StaffSure certified firm has had to prove their business integrity and commitment to legal protections of workers.

StaffSure is open to all Workforce Services providers. For more information about StaffSure contact

Standown list

RCSA’s CEO Charles Cameron was recently asked by NZ’s Stuff newspaper to provide commentary around the introduction of a Standdown List, where employers who had breached minimum standards of the employment law were named and shamed publicly.

The Standdown list was introduced in April 2017 by the Labour Inspectorate and Immigration New Zealand.

Employers on the Standdown list are not able to sponsor new visas to recruit migrant labour for a period between six months and two years.

Employers who breach minimum employment standards may have failed to provide their employee with at least the minimum wage, holiday pay, an employment agreement, or keep records of employment as legally required.

An infringement notice will result in fines of $1,000 per breach up to $20,000 in any three month period.

To read Charles’ comments click here.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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