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RCSA launches new online Recruitment Consultant Certificate

Our members have spoken and the RCSA has listened. The result, among some other very exciting initiatives, is our new and revised online RCSA Recruitment Consultant Certificate.

Considered a strong foundation for entry level professionals in the on-hire and recruitment sectors across Australia and New Zealand, the RCSA Recruitment Consulting Certificate has previously only been available to participants who could physically attend three-day workshops.

The RCSA Recruitment Consultant Certificate was developed by RCSA in conjunction with professional educators. The revised online course was launched in December last year.

Prue McClymont, a consultant with Sonos Ultrasound Recruitment who will be among the first to complete the online certificate, said she found the process a great way to dip your toe into the principles of recruitment, affordably and accessibly.

Prue, who comes from a medical background, said she started her own specialised recruitment agency because she saw a niche market which needed to be filled. She also did so with no business or recruiting experience.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” she admitted. “However, the course gave me the chance to get an idea of where to focus my future efforts and how to do it.

“More than anything, the online certificate gave me an insight into a myriad of different aspects of recruitment, allowing me the opportunity to look into these in more detail so I could operate – and protect – my business more efficiently and effectively.”

Prue was also further attracted to the online course as she saw it is a pathway towards Corporate Membership with RCSA.

“And I did so on the advice of everyone I know in recruitment,” Prue said. “As the owner of a specialised start-up recruitment agency which was only nine months old, I was well short of the two years of recruitment experience needed to join the RCSA as a Corporate Member.

“I was looking for a way to fast-track the acquisition of knowledge of the recruitment industry and the different aspects to it. Being an owner-operator and a solo recruiter, I needed condensed knowledge, in a hurry.”

Participants are able to complete the online certificate in 15.5 hours over a three month period. The time investment is made up of 12 hours of online study, a 90 minute webinar and a two hour open-book exam.

The RCSA Recruitment Consulting Certificate consists of six core modules:

  • Recruitment Consulting Essentials

  • Closing Deals and Making Offers

  • Negotiations Terms and Conditions

  • Resignation and Counter-offers

  • Negotiating with Candidates

  • Reverse Marketing Candidates

And three additional units:

  • Interviewing Essentials – Interviewing the client and creating the perfect ad

  • Interviewing Essentials – Interview the candidate and selling to the client

  • RCSA Code of Professional Conduct.

The course has been designed for recruitment consultants in Australia and New Zealand who have less than six months experience in the sector, or those who have been in the industry for a little longer but would like a refresher course.

RCSA’s Learning and Development Manager Nina Marshall said the industry body’s Recruitment Consultant Certificate was initially developed in 2016 and has been re-launched following a recent review of content for the course.

“We believe that ensuring the RCSA Recruitment Consultant Certificate is available to all of our members and new participants to the industry, both online and in three day workshops, allows us to reinvest in our own labour supply,” Nina said.

“We would love to talk with members about integrating this certificate into their onboarding programs for staff new to the sector. It really is a brilliant onboarding program for any recruitment and labour hire organisation as it allows their staff to hit the ground running.

“After speaking with our members and taking on their valuable feedback, we believe we have found the perfect solution as this program provides short, sharp, affordable and digestible education about the industry.

“We plan to continue developing the course over time to ensure it is exactly what our industry needs for today and in the future, so we remain very open to feedback about the course.”

Bookings for the course are essential. Cost is A$770 for RCSA members or A$1,155 for non RCSA members.

Those completing the RCSA Recruitment Consultant Certificate – online or in person - earn an additional 25 CPD points which when applying for membership, provides Accredited Professional (APRCSA) status to successful applicants.

For more on the online RCSA Recruitment Consulting Certificate or to enrol, click here.

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