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Recruitment Consultants to stay on Short-Term Skilled Occupation List, With an increased income thre

The Government has announced today that Recruitment Consultants will remain on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), but with a significantly increased income threshold.

While we are pleased the government has kept the occupation on the STSOL, we believe the change to the income threshold will present a challenge for the recruitment sector.

As you know, RCSA was vocal in its opposition to the removal of Recruitment Consultants from the STSOL. In addition to participating in the submission process, we met with the Department and the relevant Ministers’ offices to articulate the sectors’ concerns.

The government has expressed a desire to work with RCSA over coming months to better understand the sector, its needs and challenges in relation to skilled labour before the next review in July.

While the change to the income threshold is disappointing, the inclusion of Recruitment Consultants on the STSOL is important and we will continue to work with government in presenting the case for the reduction of the income threshold.

To that end, we welcome any evidence or information you can provide that illustrates the challenges of a $90,000 income threshold, along with any evidence that demonstrates sector skills shortages to help inform those ongoing discussions.

For further information please contact us on or call +613 9663 0555.

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