Uncovering the reasons behind the hidden health and safety risks to your workforce

RCSA is running a health and safety workshop on Undressing Risk, which has been designed to ensure decision-makers understand and re-affirm their commitment to safety.

The two hour video workshop is presented by Health and Safety Risk expert Amy Towers who says the program is designed for senior level staff and is available to RCSA members and recruitment industry participants throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Undressing Risk workshop goes beyond what you’ll find in standard due diligence training, taking participants on a journey of exploration to unearth current and emerging risks, and then navigating through the best options to address them.

The workshop will look at six key areas:

  • Leadership Commitment and Investment

  • Worker Engagement and Cost Impact

  • Exposure Hot Spots

  • Cultivating a Healthy Safety Culture

  • A Practical Approach to Risk Management

  • Checking In and Checking Up

“Undressing Risk focuses on senior management’s commitment to risk,” Amy explained. “Instead of an ‘everybody’s responsible’ approach, I help organisations clarify roles and responsibilities in the decision-making processes towards health and safety.

“Often, safety is only addressed when there is a financial impact to an organisation. And the ‘norm’ in many organisations is to hand the burden of health and safety onto a ‘juggler’ such as the HR, Finance or Operations Manager, often resulting in an ineffective, ad-hoc approach to what should be an important issue for every organisation.

“In this workshop, I undress the surface level contributors, and then find all the underlying risks and cultural factors that come out under the safety banner.”

Amy, who has 15 years’ industry experience as a risk consultant and OHS co-ordinator and advisor, is the founder of Risk Collective. She describes her role as helping senior managers and decision-makers to navigate compliance and intelligently manage their unique core risks, so health and safety is entwined into the business – “and not just a side hustle”.

Her areas of specialisation include system design and implementation, risk management programs, senior management due diligence ad coaching and mentoring.

“Instead of focusing on surface level issues, we help leaders see their unique opportunities to dig deeper and address high claims, absenteeism or presenteeism through their own commitment to safety culture,” she said.

“We are not after grudging compliance or a reactive approach to safety. Instead we will explore what safety success really looks like, through a proactive, positive approach.”

For more information and to book your place at the Undressing Risk two hour video workshop, click here.

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