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Taking the hard work out of WH&S compliance – for free!

It’s no secret that ensuring we are all compliant with Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) legislation can be hard work, especially as workplaces across Australian and New Zealand and the legislative requirements can change quickly and unexpectedly.

After receiving feedback from members that they needed something more streamlined, RCSA responded by undertaking a lengthy review and developed one set of simplified and easy-to-use templates, which are now available to all of Corporate members for FREE.

The WHS templates were developed by Health & Safety Risk Management expert Amy Towers and designed to cover all business types represented by our members from on hire to permanent employment.

The revised templates have been developed in accordance with current Workplace Health and Safety legislation and minimum expected standards for the recruitment and on-hire industry.

All our members need to do, in most cases, is read the information provided, check it against their risk profile, fill in the name of their company and submit the information. It as easy as that!

The free templates available to RCSA members cover:

  • Alcohol and drug policy

  • WHS policy

  • Risk Management Procedure

  • WHS Consultation and Issue Resolution Procedure

  • WHS Induction and Training Procedure

  • Incident Management Procedure

  • Emergency Management and First Aid

  • Psychological Health at Work Policy

The templates are now available for download here.

“The first thing we noticed in the review was the need to make the templates more accessible for members of all businesses,” Amy said.

“My role was simple: simplify the templates, ensure compliance to minimum expected health and safety standards for the recruitment and on-hire industry, make sure they were easy-to-use and were suitable for all RCSA members from those engaged in permanent placements to those working in on-hire because the same duty of care applies to everyone.

“The templates now are a good starting point for all companies in the recruitment and on-hire sectors who are looking to implement new and updated WHS processes.”

Amy stressed that while the templates made the process of filling out the correct paperwork much easier, it was still advisable where you do not have specialised WHS staff on your team, to seek advice on your obligations by calling RCSA.

“While the templates have been designed to cover a broad range of topics, we understand that the nature of our business means some organisations have WHS needs, which require some additional input,” Amy said. “Furthermore, policies like these are valid if someone takes ownership of them.”

Employers, business owners and managers who need a more in-depth understanding of WHS issues would benefit from using the templates in conjunction with the Undressing Risk two hour video workshop presented by Amy.

The Undressing Risk workshops are offered throughout the year by RCSA and are open to all members. The next workshop will be hosted on August 7. For details about the workshop, click here. To book your place at the Undressing Risk two hour video workshop, click here.

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