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What drew me back to recruitment

November 19, 2019

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Four tips to help clients retain staff

Hiring new staff can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, not to mention the investment of time and money which goes into training them. So the last thing employers want is for their staff to leave.


This raises two questions for the recruitment sector: how can we make sure our clients have reasonable expectations of the candidates we send them and; how can we support them in getting their staff to stay?


We take a look at four steps we believe we as recruiters should be communicating with our clients to help them with the recruitment process and subsequent successful employment of the right candidate.




What makes someone a good fit?


It may sound self-explanatory, but the key to retaining staff is ensuring positions are filled by the right candidates at the outset.


Some of the questions we as recruiters should be asking about candidates during the recruitment process include:

  • Are they right for the culture of the company you are recruiting for?

  • Is the candidate likely to be offended by the behaviour or attitude staff members or workplace practices of the employer?

  • Does the candidate share the values of the organisation?

For example, in a workplace where staff regularly swear, someone offended by swearing simply will not fit in with the culture, regardless of how good they are at their job. It is these details which may seem unimportant at the interview stage, which will determine how likely a candidate will work with other staff.


This means recruiters need to understand the culture of a workplace before they put candidates forward. You cannot expect them to change who they are for an employee.


How well do you know your candidates?


During the recruitment process, it can be easy to focus on your client’s list of what technical skills and experience they want from candidates while disregarding who they are as an individual.


We have already talked about staff being the right cultural fit. This can include someone being analytically minded rather than being a creative thinker, or someone needing flexible working hours to be able to do the role.