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The awards are there for the taking…so step on up

We all know that winning industry awards is a great way to promote your business, but what is less appreciated is the fact the process of submitting a nomination often has an immediate and appreciable return on investment.

Companies and individuals who invest in themselves enough to take the time to submit an application for an industry award, quickly find that in doing so, they are conducting their own private audit of what has been achieved and often gain insight into where they are headed.

An award application by definition means we have to take the time to list our achievements. And this can be a revealing and surprising process.

Remember how many KPIs you have exceeded and how many candidates you have placed in jobs? Remember the glowing testimonial clients sent you or about you? If you didn’t before, an award application will make sure evidence of your achievements is staring back at you.

And that can feel good.

For good measure, we’ve taken a quick look at the best reasons to enter industry awards.

Boosts morale

It’s good news if your company or staff are doing something which gets them recognised. And sharing good news is a cause for celebration. Winning an industry award is a perfect time to get the team together to share the celebration of success.

Promote the win through your internal communications channels and get everyone involved in recognising the recognition the individual or company have earned. Does it call for a cocktail hour with the staff or maybe a more laid-back barbecue?

Whether it is an individual within your company or the company itself, all wins should be recognised and industry awards are no exception.

Doing so just happens to have the effect of making people feel good that is good for morale.

A golden marketing tool

If companies and their staff are winning awards, chances are this will show when prospective staff, partners and clients do a basic search of your business online. And this is something they do pay attention to.

Winning an industry award tells the world you are doing something better than most of your competitors. It becomes a point of difference and a marketing tool which can be used to promote the company widely through external communications.

Having industry awards listed on your website says a lot about your company. Yes, it is self-promotion, but self-promotion of recognition you have received from your industry peers.

And there is nothing wrong with self-promotion.


If you want to attract the best talent out there, being able to demonstrate your business is a place of excellence which has received accolades from your industry peers speaks volumes to potential employees.

We all want to work with the best and that plaque on the wall in the boardroom says you are exactly that. This is always going to be attractive to employees who want to know they are looking at a company which is not prepared to adhere to minimum standards and is doing work which attracts respect and accolades from those working within the sector.

Sets the bar

Winning a prestigious industry award is a great way to show that your company strives for excellence at every turn.

Unlike a prestigious business address, impressive website or cool marketing collateral that any business can duplicate, an industry award cannot be bought; it can only ever be earned.

It demonstrates to your employees that you have a reputation as an industry leader and this is something you want to maintain. You expect everyone in the organisation to be their best and the way your business operates if proof of this.

The RCSA awards are the only recruitment and labour hire association accredited awards held in Australia.

Entries for the awards are open until April 23. There are 10 categories:

Individual Awards

  • Recruiter of the Year

  • RCSA Rising Star

Individual & Organisation

  • CSR Excellence Award

  • Excellence in Safety & Risk Management

  • Client Service Award

  • Candidate Care Award


  • Operational Excellence Award

  • Marketing Campaign of the Year

  • Tech Innovation of the Year

RCSA Award (not nominated for)

  • RCSA’s Outstanding Contribution

We cannot encourage applications strongly enough. Take the time and invest in yourself.

To see the criteria for each award and to submit a nomination, visit here.

To book your seats for the Australian or New Zealand event, visit here.

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