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Entering the RCSA Awards part II: What makes for a stand-out submission?

With entries for the RCSA Industry Awards closing on April 23, we spoke to some of the judges for this year’s awards about what they wanted to see in applications and their advice for your submissions.

From wanting to see clean applications from consultants and agencies which answer the questions, clearly demonstrate professional achievements, passion and a willingness to adapt their thinking as required to embrace change, the judges are all looking for different things with one commonality – excellence.

Below are some of their comments

“Nominations that stand out will be specific on measurable differences, achievements and a focus on enterprise wide commitment to candidate or client service. Similarly, I look for evidence of an operational culture that produces results that are constantly above service standard measurement targets and industry norms.” – Ross Fisher, Chair RCSA Professional Practice Council

“A stand out nomination for me will be consultants or companies really differentiating themselves in the market and using new and innovative thinking to address the challenges the industry might be facing at this time. This could be for example using technology and innovation to provide candidates and/or clients with a different, more engaging experience to deliver the best outcome, new initiatives to better standard client/candidate care models or thinking outside the square when it comes to attraction, selection and engagement initiatives.” – Caroline Harvie-Teare, GM People, Culture & Safety at Christchurch International Airport

“In my experience, award winning submissions always provide clear examples of an individual or businesses success. Remember to always provide clear outcomes and examples along with financial impact of what has been achieved wherever possible.” – Siobhan Hayden, HashChing advisor and COO

“A stand-out nomination will contain the WOW factor in dealings with both client and candidate. For the individual Consultant while experience is important, everyone has to start somewhere and where experience is lacking, effort and attention to detail will count. For a company I would be looking for sound procedures that provide guidance for the Consultant.” – Michael E Hall, Independent Consultant

“To me the stand out nominations will be the people or organisations who demonstrate passion for the industry and service excellence. Those who don't simply focus on putting "bums in seats" but who work with their clients as true consultants and focus on a win- win, even if that means saying no.” – Kim Seeling Smith, CEO Ignite Global

“We are clearly looking for excellence and a proven track record of results will weigh heavily. Differentiation, initiative, positive disruption of outdated methods will all count. I will be keen to see evidence of having contributed to the industry overall.” – Greg Savage, Director at Savage Truth.

“Length of time in the industry can indicate a level of success and resilience but it wouldn’t be a key focus for me. More important are outcomes and network contribution. Someone may have generated a high number of placements but have they helped others to achieve as well? And have they recognised the people who helped them succeed?” – Jane Shand, Queensland Rugby League HR Executive.

“Presentations that stimulate debate or possibly confront issues in an entertaining informative way will certainly get my attention.” – Beryl Rowan, retired.

“Think about what the benefits are to you and your clients and candidates and the organisation you work for from your high performance. Consider how you are contributing to our industy and show your passion and commitment.” – Sue Healy, CML Group

A stand out nomination would be one where applicants can clearly demonstrate how their differentiated actions have delivered value and impact to their clients. It is also critical to demonstrate strong relationship building skills and successful outcomes. – Dora Peake, HR Manager with Transurban (Pictured).

“A company that shows the greatest innovation in the way it presents itself – that makes them different to other recruitment companies , a company or consultant that demonstrates a strong focus on providing more than what is expected of them to both applicants and client companies.” – George Zammit, retired.

“It’s not about the volume of placements but the accuracy of the placements, as this is the only attribute that will secure long-term relationships with the hosts and the candidates.” – Bill Dalby, retired.

“I will be looking for submissions that are concise and easy to ready and that provide evidence-based examples. So any initiatives should show how the results were measured, what the baseline benchmarks were and the specific outcomes or improvements that were achieved. If results have improved year on year I want to know by how much. I have judged a number of awards in the past and find it frustrating when submissions state that ‘results improved’ but provide no evidence to support the statement.” – Stephen Shepherd, CEO TwoPointZero Career Coaching.

Now we have told you what it is the judges are looking for, we hope you take the time to consider their advice and get you application in before the April 23 deadline. Information on applications and how to submit your nomination can be found here.

Nominees contacting judges regarding award submissions will be immediately disqualified.

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