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Pearls of wisdom to be found in mentoring program

A two hour commitment a month is all it takes to be able to pick up some very valuable industry learnings. Are you interested in being mentored?

When Louise Roper committed to a 12 month mentoring program through RCSA, she wanted to expand her network, meet other recruiters and learn and grow as part of her personal development.

Louise admits she also picked up plenty of pearls of wisdom, some fresh perspectives, insight into who she was as a recruiter and discovered a shared passion.

“To hear the energy, enthusiasm and passion from my peer and mentor was amazing and we found we are both very passionate about our industry,” Louise explained.

“My mentor's background was similar to mine and I really respected what she had achieved. I was given great advice which I took on board and used.

“From the importance of managing my personal health which was very significant when I billed just shy of $400k in a quarter and then promptly hit the wall, to managing workloads, to not being so bothered about what I ‘assume’ others may think, to just tweaking my response and language to situations has made a real difference.”

Louise, who started work in the recruitment sector first in the UK in 2004 and who has been a Senior Consultant in Sydney with Beaumont People since 2016, completed RCSA’s PEARL Mentoring program last year.

The PEARL (Professional Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) Program is a 12 month commitment which connects RCSA members who are new to a leadership role – or are moving into one –with members who have notched up years of experience in the sector for mentorship and guidance.

In the last few years, more than 300 RCSA members from Australia and New Zealand have completed the PEARL Mentoring Program. Those taking part, as mentors or mentees, are expected to meet for two hours face-to-face monthly over a year. Training sessions are offered to individuals before undertaking the PEARL program.

Louise said she believed the value of the PEARL mentoring program was far greater than just shared learnings.

“I think the program offers a great opportunity to talk to someone outside of your business who can give you a separate opinion, advice and guidance,” Louise said. “To have the opportunity to pick the brains of a CEO from another organisation within the industry is gold!

“I think the PEARL program helps you to identify ways you can improve and develop as a recruiter and it’s also a very good opportunity to learn from your peers rather than simply seeing them as the competition.

“I think it’s good to learn how to do things differently rather than just doing things the same way your organisation always has. It was also great to hear what it is that I am doing right in my career as a recruiter and to learn from the owner of another business how she does things. It was good to see the things we did exactly the same way; it gave me a lot of confidence.”

Louise said she also found the opportunity to just talk with someone senior within the recruitment sector who was not her boss was also very refreshing having come from what she describes as a more “cut throat and ruthless” recruitment sector in the UK.

“In Australia, the approach is very different and refreshing,” Louise explained. “I really like that because it is refreshing to be able to talk openly and honestly about issues I may be facing and to hear how others have come through the same challenges.”

And Louise’s advice for anyone considering applying for the upcoming PEARL Mentoring Program: “I think the program is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to upskill and develop personally and professionally however you must commit and put yourself out there to reap the rewards of the program.”

Applications for the next PEARL Mentoring Program close on June 15 with mentors and mentees notified of their pairing on July 3. If you would like to know more or apply to be a part of this year’s PEARL program, visit the website. If you are unsure and would like to speak with someone about your suitability for the course, contact RCSA on +61 (03) 9663 0555.

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