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Why your business needs a marketing growth manager

Recruitment marketing is not a new concept, but constant innovation means what was needed five years ago is different to what is required today.

More and more agencies are adopting an inbound sales model to leverage social media, blogs and email campaigns to highlight their unique employee value proposition (EVP) and build talent communities.

The inbound model also pays dividends with clients. Agencies like People2People, who appointed a digital marketing specialist in 2016, can attribute new business directly to the new technology they have adopted. Through a successful implementation of paid social media to promote video job advertisements, People2People are now ranking first in searches for certain keywords and they won new (and old) customers by being highly visible and innovative.

Really good agencies are applying marketing growth strategies to drive measurable results that allow them to focus on what works for their business. A marketing growth manager will help identify new channels that raise brand visibility, draw in customers and grow your business. Whether it’s an emerging digital platform or an industry event, growth managers are constantly on the lookout for untapped marketing opportunities that are worth investing in.

The agencies who are successfully building positive brand recognition have dedicated marketing staff. They know about growth hacking - the power of paid advertising on social platforms - and building talent communities. They have a clear strategy for video content and measurable goals, which they watch closely and hold everything against.

It’s a complete mind-set shift. We need to market to candidates, not advertise for them. To do this we need to value our own personal brand as recruitment leaders and clearly articulate an EVP.

This requires relevant content for candidates so that recruiters are top of mind before they even start to look for a job, speaking to and nurturing them long before they start applying. The same theory applies to hiring managers. We need to help them buy into your brand.

An effective marketing growth manager understands the importance of on-brand assets at every step of the process. Even a small investment like Canva gives your team the power to create content that reinforces your brand and makes an impact. You need to make sure you have clear brand guidelines before you let the team loose on Canva.

Creating content is not enough. That’s where your marketing specialist can add value, crafting campaigns to ensure your candidate stories and customer testimonials have maximum impact and reporting back to the team on the type of content that resonates.

There are many great tools available to help you communicate and amplify your brand.

When used effectively, video can do all of the things I mentioned above. It’s memorable and authentic and preferred by social and search algorithms. It is mobile friendly and your candidates can consume it on the run.

eMarketer’s Global Digital Video Viewers report in 2018 says 2.38 billion people will watch streaming or downloaded digital video content via any device at least once a month. If you don’t have the budget for a production company, research the tools that could bring this skill in-house.

The DNA of an excellent recruitment agency is a combination of many things. Apart from having a great culture, the most dynamic recruitment agencies have a growth mind-set, a philosophy to embrace change, they innovate and share their stories and they use real data to make decisions. A great recruitment agency in 2018 must have a specialist Marketing Growth Manager, it’s the new black.

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