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Five minutes with Peter Hughes, Prime Super Regional Manager for Western Victoria

June 18, 2020

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Reality Bites: Fragmentation, diversity and identity

Recruitment professionals today face a world where technology has shifted, allowing for the creation of


new identity-based virtual villages which make self-appointed knowledge bloggers, posters on LinkedIn or followers on Instagram the 21st Century’s town criers, parish newsletters and truth tellers.


What that means for the recruitment professional today is that the successful selection and placement of staff, particularly millennials, has to be more personalised and individual than ever before.


The reputations of consultants and employers can now be made, or broken, online with a rapidity never before possible. That said, all that’s changed is the reality of an organisation’s culture and behaviour is more visible and less easy to spin than before.


That means that more than ever before, to attract and retain quality staff, organisations need to ‘walk the walk’ before they try to ‘talk the talk’.




In terms of communication, the 21st century is shaping up to have more in common with the 19th than the 20th. The confluence of two fundamental cultural forces is creating a new paradigm in Australia and much of the rest of the western world. The decay of old tribes and allegiances and a loss of faith in ‘The Establishment’ is