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Report reveals seven ways recruiting roles are set to change

February 18, 2020

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The art of remaining RELEVANT to our candidates, clients and teams

September 11, 2018

It’s no secret that our world is changing at a rapid rate as technological advances fundamentally change the way we do business and this is no less true for the recruitment sector as it is the rest of the business world.


The term AI - or artificial intelligence - is something we have all become familiar with in the past decade, but it has also come to mean Assistive Intelligence and for recruitment, this has manifested as, among other things, robots are managing engagement care.

Take for example Olivia produced by Paradox for the recruitment sector and touted by the company as “the AI assistant that allows you to focus on what you do best, while she focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling and candidate communication & engagement”.


That’s right. Olivia is able to capture candidates through the internet, mobile platforms and social channels. She can send messages to candidates inquiring about what kind of work they are looking for, where they want to work and can then select jobs which they may be interested in applying for.


The next step for Olivia is checking resumes and assessing their skills against criteria to select those who should move on to the next stage of the recruitment process. She can book and reschedule interviews and appointments and can even extoll the virtues of working for certain companies.


In short, Olivia manages a lot of the mundane aspects of what recruiters do freeing up consultants to focus on interviewing and assessing candidates for jobs and engaging with clients.


And Olivia is not alone with a number of similar AI services now available such as entelo, which is now being trailed by Davidson, with one-third of internal recruiter teams now moving from LinkedIn to entelo.


Using entelo allows us to build candidate profiles which go well beyond their resume by scouring the internet to pull together data on candidates such as what recipes they have posted on social media, events they are interested in going to and what online communities they are actively involved with.


Added to these new technologies are moves by online platforms such as Google and Facebook to take on in-house recruiters; Google has 3,000 of them and Facebook has 2,000.