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Labour Hire Licensing Repeal big win for SA - RCSA

RCSA, the peak industry body that represents professional labour hire firms, has heralded the decision of the SA Government to repeal the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 as a win for jobs and investment in SA over politics and outdated thinking. Charles Cameron, CEO of RCSA, said that repealing the licensing scheme would allow South Australia to have a sensible and considered solution to any alleged bad behaviour in the very small number of sectors where problems exist, rather than an ideologically inspired law that was never designed to address the specific problem at hand.

"Rather than target the very small number of bad operators in the specific sectors they operate in, the laws legacy would have been to put a handicap on legitimate and reputable businesses who, day in day out, help South Australians find work in an increasingly complex and changeable labour market." "We have said it before and we will say it again. In cases where exploitation is occurring, people are breaking the existing federal and State laws. It's not as though law doesn't already exist to prevent the bad behaviour that occurs with some rogue operators. Where a law is broken, enforce the law - the solution isn't to add pointless red tape and cost that burdens those very people that were operating within the law in the first place." "We don't need law for laws sake - we need smart, targeted solutions, for an SA economy that must be nimble and responsive to change and opportunity". "I commend the SA government for taking the time to explore and understand the wider negative consequences of this legislation, before deciding to repeal it, and for deciding to put the economy and jobs of SA ahead of self-serving political interests".

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