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#fivers4survivors - give up a coffee to make a difference

On Friday we are all being encouraged to forgo one cup of coffee - just one cup on one day - to help raise money for Freedom Hub which provides long-term support for people who have been victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Kate Taylor, Managing Director and Owner of specialist health recruitment agency TaylorCare Recruitment has been involved with Freedom Hub for a number of years and is pushing hard for recruitment industry participants to make this one small sacrifice.

“We have more than 30 recruitment agencies who are members of RCSA donating to this cause and getting involved which is very encouraging to see,” Kate, whose company was named the winner of the 2018 RCSA CSR Award, said.

“On Friday, October 12 we are asking everyone to give up one cup of coffee and instead donate $5 to Freedom Hub’s Survivor School. It’s called #fivers4surviors and is important in terms of raising money and awareness of the issue.

“The 2018 Global Slavery Index suggests there are around 15,000 people living in slavery in Australia. By donating to Freedom Hub, you could be helping to make a real difference.”

Kate is encouraging recruitment agencies to host a morning or afternoon tea at the office to raise money for Freedom Hub, take a group selfie and publish with the hashtag #fivers4survivors

All money raised on October 12 and donated to Freedom Hub will be used to fund the activities of its Survivor School where victims receive the help, support and guidance needed to recover their lives.

All donations are tax deductible and should be made before 5pm on October 12. For more on the cause and Freedom Hub, visit the website.

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