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Calls for members to join Responsible Procurement Working Group

The RCSA is establishing a Responsible Procurement Working Group and want your support.

The RCSA Responsible Procurement Working Group is being set up to “ensure fair, sustainable and responsible business activity in the industry” RCSA CEO Charles Cameron said.

Cameron said the RCSA is seeking representation on the Working Group across different management functions and industry service providers. Individual RCSA Members and employees of Corporate Members are eligible to join the Working Group.

The procurement of recruitment and staffing services by business and government plays a key part in determining the quality of the service outcome. As the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry, and with a commitment to leading in the world of work, RCSA wishes to promote responsible procurement.

Procurement which fails to account for the flow-on implications for service providers, candidates and workers contributes to significant problems which can range from poor service delivery to, worker exploitation right down to modern slavery.

The RCSA Responsible Procurement Working Group will:

  • Establish policy which promotes fair, sustainable and responsible procurement activity in the industry

  • Establish standards against which procurement can be assessed and monitored

  • Influence and educate business, government, procurement professionals, members and the wider recruitment and staffing industry on responsible procurement and how to provide responsible procurement leadership

  • Establish templates, training, guidance and policy statements to assist members to promote responsible procurement and, by doing so, ensure fair, sustainable and responsible business activity in the industry

Poor procurement practices can impact individuals and organisations in a range of ways which can have far-reaching consequences for the person and business. This includes promoting unsustainable fee and pricing behaviour and inappropriate service contracts through contracts not fit-for-purpose or which have disproportionate and unfair indemnity provisions and through unsustainable payment terms.

Poor procurement can also eliminate or restrict access to hiring managers reducing the quality of service, lead to rigidity and unfairness in the tender process and promote a ‘race to the bottom’ attitude resulting in poor behaviour and business activity. And this is all before we even start to look at ways poor procurement promotes non-compliance with contractual terms and regulations.

RCSA members interested in contributing to the Working Group should contact Zoe Husband by email on

The Working Group will be commence early in the new year.

More information about the existing RCSA Working groups, visit the website:

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