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Meet Cheryll Seslija - RCSA's Learning and Development Coordinator

RCSA’s Learning and Development Coordinator, Cheryll Seslija, has enjoyed a high flying career, both in the skies as Cabin Crew, jetsetting around the world and, in a slightly more grounded capacity, in the recruitment and staffing industry.

We spoke to her about her learnings, her role at RCSA and the brand new platform she’s driving which is set to revolutionise the way our members engage with Learning and Development opportunities.

You’ve had a very diverse career spanning from Cabin Crew travelling the world to learning and development for the recruitment and staffing sector. Can you tell us about the journey you’ve taken to get to your role as Learning and Development Coordinator at RCSA?

I simply reached a moment where I wanted to be grounded. The commercial aviation industry is an extremely competitive, safety-sensitive service industry. I travelled the world and experienced training, or ‘Learning and Development’ as a central, indeed critical, part of a brand that differentiated from its competitors. I have combined my passion for learning and my understanding that everyone learns in different ways, at different speeds and with different capabilities and have applied this to the recruitment arena. I am passionate about achieving an eco-performance-based culture and, like a safe crew, I strive to achieve outcomes with the support of systems, colleagues and culture.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Engaging with L&D key figures who share my passion for helping to empower their people and themselves with innovation, creativity and change.

Why do you think it’s important to have such a platform?

Professional development programs can enhance individual careers. RCSA L&D options are designed to upskill and add value, as well as helping to identify any knowledge or skill gaps relevant to current roles or to the role Members aspire to be.

What are some skills and lessons you learnt in the skies that help you in your role at RCSA?

Customer service, team work, positive outlook, communication skills and, overall, creating a great experience.

You have recently led an overhaul of RCSA’s Learning and Development online platform. Can you tell us what members can look forward to with this new system?

Full disclosure and simple and orientated headlines that allow Members to scope and determine for themselves. Members will be able to self-navigate through to a learning resource that suits them.

How is this new platform different to the past and previous set up?

Members now have the ability to make an accurate and honest declaration about their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). RCSA have made it easier for Members by implementing a simple, professional compliance platform that can track and display points according to CPD activity type.

Why did RCSA take this direction and what is the goal of the new platform?

The resource has been designed to total CPD points across the annual period in accordance with RCSA industry standards. It is an accessible checkpoint for both Individual and Corporate Members, and their staff, to see if they are on track or need to work towards more learning in order to maintain their Professional Accreditation recognition.

You have looked to other professional services, for example, accountants and lawyers, for inspiration when developing the platform. What have you learnt from them that you are now applying to RCSA’s Learning and Development opportunities for members?

The application of knowledge is not restricted to solely RCSA L&D calendar participation. The philosophy of CPD achievement embraces external learning experiences defined as any industry interaction, course, program or other experience in which learning takes place.

Where do you look for inspiration when looking for new content for the Learning and Development platform for RCSA?

I do a lot of industry analysis, foremost in the Recruitment and Staffing sector. This is critical for any business to stay competitive or to measure their own progress. I also zone in on the behavioural skills required - to learn and unlearn at will, to be creative and innovative and, foremost, to leverage your emotional intelligence.

What do you look for in a trainer or speaker for your platform?

We all know that humans are wired to listen to stories and that narrative stories work best to engage people. I look for a facilitator that can take their audience on a learning journey, a successful onboarding of new knowledge. It’s like a little miracle when someone can walk away from something and see the world differently afterwards.

Any new developments coming up in 2019 that you can provide us as a teaser?

‘Design Like an Architect’ - a Learning & Development space that influences our behaviours and experiences.

If you could have three people over for dinner (dead or alive) who would they be and why?

Stephen Hawking - for his science and diversity legacy. He is a pure example of how limitations do not make people unproductive. Morrisey - for his melody, mood and quality of lyrics. And, finally, my Mother - she is and has been my toughest critic yet.

What would you cook them?

Curry Classics - Butter Chicken, Green Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang and Lentil Dhal are my winning dishes.

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