Utilising video as part of a recruitment strategy

Davidson's Top 50 Public Sector Women campaign earned the recruitment and HR consulting firm a nomination at our recent RCSA Awards - but that’s not the only area where Davidson are innovating.

Their Melbourne office has been using VideoMyJob in their recruitment strategy for nearly two years now, with some great results. We caught up with Principal Consultant Cameron Norton to have a chat about their success and future plans for video.

Q: You’ve been using VideoMyJob for two years now, what sort of value has it added to your recruitment process?

We’ve seen great value in being able to position jobs, but we’ve also seen the value come through in positioning Davidson as a leader in our space as well, embracing new technology and doing things differently - but also getting better outcomes, for clients and for candidates.

We’re using it primarily in our recruitment processes for clients, but we are looking at other opportunities to use video; onboarding new employees, showcasing why you would join Davidson, video messages to candidates to wish them good luck in an interview and videos to say thanks for applying if they didn’t succeed - a few different options now that we know how to utilise the app to really make a difference.

Q: Can you tell us about the challenges were you looking to address with the implementation of a recruitment video strategy?

The challenges we were looking to solve as an organization and as a recruitment firm was how to showcase the role and the client to potential candidates and prospective people looking at the job. So one of the things that really impacted us was our time. As recruiters we are naturally busy people with lots on the go and we wanted to get back to candidates in a really prompt manner, talking about the role but still having that human factor and the personalization of working with someone one to one.

So we utilized VideoMyJob specifically to really make sure we could connect with candidates and get the message out there even if we weren’t at our desks or on the phone. And that really allowed us to leverage our impact and communication—getting back to people in a really prompt manner.

Key challenges we were looking to overcome:

  • Being able to get back to people in a prompt and timely manner

  • The leverage factor - being able to spread the message quickly and get it across our networks in a way which really showcased our client and the role we were recruiting

  • Growing a strong personal brand and presence in the market

Q: What does video enable you to get right in an ad, more so say than a traditional text ad?

VideoMyJob has really allowed us to bring high quality candidates into the recruiting process. That’s come through people really connecting with the hiring manager and the organization because they’ve seen the client on the video, usually sitting on a couch with me, having a conversation about the role. Part of that connection has meant that we’re getting the culture fit as close to right as possible.

A lot of the time the skills, experience and capabilities that people bring to the role can be fairly common, but what the point of difference is at the end of the process is ‘Can I actually work with this person?’ So we’ve found that we have really been able to get that connection right for clients and ultimately, that’s what success will come down to. If we can get that as close to being right as we possibly can as recruiters, we are adding value to the process and clients come back!

Q: Can you share with us some of the challenges you’ve face introducing video to your team?

One of the challenges has been our own personal insecurities around getting on the camera, and I guess not wanting to appear as though we’re not slick, polished individuals.

There's times when we stutter, there’s times when we say ‘um’ a lot - so being able to embrace us as individuals has probably allowed us to overcome some of those insecurities.

When I first started using video people would laugh and make comments. But to me that was validating the fact that I was using video because they’d seen it! So being able to back yourself and have that resilience to say ‘this is something I need to be doing, I need to get good at it now’ is important because the digital world is already upon us and is evolving at a rapid pace... So if you want to keep up with the market, you're going to need to be doing different things now.

VideoMyJob is proud to offer RCSA members exclusive subscription rates, if you would like to arrange a live screen share demo of the app contact Growth Manager Mitch McCann today.

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