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Why Caitlin is sure about StaffSure

Caitlin Iustini is proud that her Perth-based Technical Resources business was one of the first companies in Western Australia to put their hand up RCSA’s StaffSure program, and believes more should be following suit.

Caitlin, an Operations Manager, and her team recently underwent the StaffSure Workforce Services Provider Certification program.

“We started the StaffSure process six months ago because we wanted to make sure we were doing the right things by our staff, clients and candidates and to ensure we were compliant in every way required,” Caitlin explained.

“We also saw going through StaffSure as a way for us to demonstrate that we are serious about recruiting ethically and having the required checks and balances.”

Caitlin said the staff at Technical Resources (pictured right), a second generation family business with 15 consultants across Australia, was able to feel a reinforced level of confidence about their systems and processes following the StaffSure audit.

“The audit picked up a few small items where there was room for improvement,” she explained. “They weren’t big but they were important because it allowed us to improve service delivery.

“We ended up with a real to do list. Once the audit is complete, a timeframe is set to make sure any non-compliance issues are addressed.

“We had thought we were on the right track and it was reassuring to have a third party come in and check the processes and let us know we were.

“We identified a small number of key areas we could work on including our performance management process with staff and contractors and that is something we have now worked on.

“The StaffSure process was much more involved than just ticking boxes. It was a meaningful and valuable exercise for our business."

Caitlin, who is a member of RCSA’s WA Council, said completing the StaffSure program now enabled Technical Resources to have this certification on all of the tenders boosting their marketing collateral.

She also believes their participation in StaffSure will help them rank higher on future tenders and panels.

“There are currently very low barriers to entry for our sector and it attracts a broad and diverse range of people,” Caitlin said. “I believe those working in recruitment should be members of industry bodies such as the RCSA which has a binding Code of Conduct for all its members.

“They should also come under the scrutiny of a third party such as StaffSure which can provide the checks and balances needed. I think this can only be good for our sector.”

If you would like more information on StaffSure and the Workforce Services Provider Certification Program, click here.

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