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Peter McLaren honoured with community award

Peter McLaren, Chair of McLaren Associates will this month receive a Kiwibank Local Hero Medal for his community service work in Wellington.

Peter was nominated and won the Community Service Award for his work providing pro bono HR services to non-government organisations (NGOs).

“The Kiwibank Local Hero award recognises those whose selflessness and determination has made a difference in the community,” Kiwibank said.

“It provides a special opportunity to all New Zealanders, who have witnessed or experienced the contributions made by this year’s medal recipients, to say thank you, we appreciate what you are doing to make our communities better.”

RCSA’s New Zealand Manager of Memberships, Rebecca Clarke said it was important the staffing and recruiting sector stop to recognise the worthy contributions made to society by our members.

“We love to see members of the RCSA being honoured by the community for the work they do,” she said. “This is exactly the kind of behaviour we want to acknowledge and emulate.

“Peter’s example inspire us all to try that little bit harder to do what we can to give back to the communities we serve.”

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