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Tearing down the myth of complicated sourcing: a seminar

A half-day seminar looking at why recruiters will need to be inventive to source candidates into the future - and equip them with the tools to do so - will be facilitated by RCSA with Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training with AIRS in Sydney on December 5.

Laura said the Tearing down the myth of complicated sourcing seminar has been designed to provide those attending with a different set of resources they can use “to augment their current recruiting strategies with very little time investment”.

Laura, a leading international expert in recruitment training, internet sourcing and social media believes that the social media sites used so frequently by recruiters of today will not exist in their current iteration, adding to their challenge to source candidates.

“Every recruiter has their go-to resources for finding candidates today,” she said. “For most those resources include well-known professional and social networks, other social media sites and job boards.

“I don’t know that in this day of instant mass communication you can easily cut down the noise, but focusing on a few resources that yield great candidates rather than trying to focus on all of them at the same time can certainly be helpful.”

Laura explained she discovers useful new websites and platforms through her own research and reading industry news adding they are “different watering holes than the usual professional and social networks that everyone else is using right now” offering the potential to find different candidates.

The seminar will also look at leveraging social media to source “people info” to improve your search for candidates using “passive candidate recruiting”.

“People info is something other than a resume or CV,” Laura explained. “And it can be just enough information about a person to understand what their job is, and potentially what their experience is.

“Obviously, this is a different type of recruiting; it means making a connection with the person and having an actual conversation to determine if they are a good fit for the role.

“There will always be far more people information on the web than resumes and CVs and it’s up to us as good recruiters to turn that tiny bit of data into a great candidate. It’s passive candidate recruiting.”

Laura said while technology is a useful tool in the search for candidates, it was essential those working in recruitment “need to remember that our profession began with people connecting with other people”.

“In this day of shiny new chatbots and powerful AI recruiting software, we need to be good at being humans again,” she added. “Use tools that simplify the process, but be great at making the real human connections and better understanding your candidates.”

Laura said she believed social media will continue to play a significant role in recruiting and sourcing candidates and jobs, but this would likely shift from the current popular platforms towards vertical networking sites which would be a key area of focus throughout the seminar.

Into the next decade, Laura expects the level of automation used in recruitment will continue to increase, creating opportunities and challenges for the sector.

“I believe that we will have the opportunity to develop our interpersonal and recruiting skills using this technology,” she said.

“I also think that we will continue to see people moving away from networking sites that we have relied on in the past few years and recruiters and sourcers will need to be even more creative about where and how to locate the candidates that they need for their openings.”

The half-day seminar will be held in Sydney on Wednesday December 5. Tickets are $220 for RCSA Members and $440 for non-members and the course accounts for three CDP points. Bookings and additional information here.

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