Your 2019 New Zealand RCSA Council

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the members of RCSA’s New Zealand Council for 2019; a dedicated group who volunteer their time, accumulated knowledge and passion for what they do to support and advocate for those working in the staffing and recruitment industries in New Zealand.

We asked them each six questions and their responses show exactly how diverse our industry and those who participate in it are.

Our Council Members are Melinda Honeychurch, Business Director with Hays Wellington, Ryan Densem, National Operations Manager with Advanced Personnel, Janice McNab GM of TradeStaff, Jonathan Greening the Director of Archway Recruitment and Jason Bishop MD at Sourced.

They are joined by Regan Higgins Managing Director of Franklin Smith Group, Nicola Colson who is Senior Manager with Robert Walters, Penni Hlaca Manager NZ Southern Region for Stellar Recruitment, Ian McPherson, CEO at Enterprise Recruitment & People, Katherine Swan NZ Country Director with Randstad and Kelly Common who is Managing Consultant with Salt.

[if !supportLists]1. How long have you been in recruitment/HR and how long have you been a member of RCSA?

Melinda - I have been working in the recruitment industry for over 11 years and I’ve been on the RCSA council for 12 months.

Ryan - I have spent 17 years in recruitment and10 years as an Individual RCSA member.

Janice - Recruitment for 21 years and a RCSA member for last 15 or so years.

Jonathan - 22 years in recruitment and three years as an RCSA member.

Jason- One of the first things I did when I established Sourced eight years ago was join the RCSA.

Regan - I started in recruitment in 2006 and joined RCSA in November 2018

Nicola - 12 years in recruitment and I have been a RCSA member since I started.

Penni - In recruitment for nearly 20 years. I’ve always worked for a member of RCSA and have been a council member for the past four years.

Ian - In recruitment for over 20 years, and a RCSA member since 2000

Katherine - I have been working within recruitment for nine years, and have also been a RCSA corporate member for this time.

Kelly - Just over 20 years in recruitment and nine years as a RCSA member.

[if !supportLists]2. What do you like most about working in this sector?

Melinda- I’m passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone I work with and making a positive impact on the world of work and people’s lives. I also enjoy being a trusted advisor and working in an industry that creates opportunities for my own career progression by recognising hard work and results.

Ryan- The positive influences we have on NZ businesses and communities across the board.

Janice- Every day is different and the work we do genuinely changes lives.

Jonathan - The variety as no two conversations, clients or candidates are the same. Also building long term relationships; I have just placed someone for the first time but have known him for nearly 15 years as a client.

Jason - Finding the unfindable/ solving the unsolvable (from both client and jobseeker perspectives)

Regan - The diverse nature that is recruitment; it is full of challenges, reward and opportunity.

Nicola - The variety. Getting to know the way businesses work and what they are trying to achieve. Getting to know the candidates and what they are trying to achieve. It appeals to my naturally curious and inquisitive nature.

Penni - Variety of people I deal with, making a difference to someone’s life . Adding value to someone’s career and dreams. And finding awesome people to enhance a clients’ business

Ian - The opportunity to change people’s lives through work

Katherine - We have the honour of partnering with individuals through their career. I have also had exposure to the most inspiring organisations, who I have partnered with for recruitment. Working in the recruitment industry allows you to impact lives through job opportunities and working with organisation to meet their strategic goals.

Kelly - The people. I love knowing I’ve been part of someone’s journey in securing their next job or introducing talent to a business.

[if !supportLists]3. What topic of conversation brings out your passionate streak?

Melinda - There’s a few - food, wine, holidays and, on a professional level, promoting recruitment as a career.

Ryan - Disingenuous, ‘rouge’ recruitment agencies that take advantage of candidates; have them working as contractors (where not appropriate), not meeting NZ legal regulations e.g. holidays, stats, H&S etc.

Janice - Family, definitely family, and anything to do with sport when NZ is involved!

Jonathan - The highs and lows of following the England cricket team.

Jason - Lazy and inaccurate media rhetoric around the skills shortage, deliberate mistreatment of staff and market growth challenges)

Regan - All things recruitment and rugby.

Nicola - Our industry and the misrepresentation or interpretation of what we do (or don’t do). When I see how hard my staff work it really upsets me when others see what we do as frivolous.

Penni - Growing people and best practice

Ian - Where organisations don’t see the value that our industry delivers

Katherine - Any topic about people. I love working with people and am passionate about creating value for the people I work with within my business and through my work.

Kelly - Recruiters are just like car salespeople.

[if !supportLists]4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Melinda - Your success in life is largely dependent on how many uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have and no one who is great at something was always great at it.

Ryan - Don’t make a decision based on those who will be disappointed by the choice, but on whether or not you will disappoint yourself.

Janice - Find your own voice and don’t be afraid to use it… thanks mum!

Jonathan - You’ll never get rich working for someone else. I don’t take this advice literally, I genuinely feel richer working for myself in terms of work life balance and fulfilment.

Jason - Focus all your energy on completing the job you are doing (to the best of your ability), not rewards you want as a result of doing it.

Regan - Focus on what you can control and don’t sweat the small stuff,

Nicola - Everyone is lying. As cynical as that sounds it means you will ask more questions, drill deeper to understand and get the ‘truth’ from both the client and candidate.

Penni - Never have any annual leave owing - use it and make the most of it! Always have something you’re looking forward to, even if it’s just a long weekend

Ian - Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and seize opportunities

Katherine - Always be authentic to who you are.

Kelly - Treat others how you like to be treated and if you can accept the worst case scenario then go for it.

[if !supportLists]5. What is your favourite interview question?

Melinda - What would your colleagues / manager say about you?

Ryan - Please give me one word to describe you.

Janice - Who has had the biggest influence on you in your life so far and why?

Jonathan - For interviewing recruitment consultants it is definitely do you have any questions for us? If they can’t ask me good questions they will struggle with our clients.

Jason - What really annoys you? (I only really interview staff for my own business)

Regan - What does success look and feel like to you?

Nicola - Tell me about your worst day? So important to understand your candidate’s motivators and I find candidates remember their worst jobs/ days rather than their best.

Penni - Tell me about how you will contribute to the culture here and what attributes you feel you have that will enhance our culture?

Ian - What did you do to prepare for this interview?

Katherine - What has been your greatest setback in a work setting and what did you learn from it?

Kelly - I have five candidates I am looking at for an opportunity, why should I call you first?

[if !supportLists]6. What’s your claim to fame or one thing that we should know about you?

Melinda - I was awarded Hays Manager of the Year in our Canberra business. For me, this was a career highlight among many other achievements throughout my career.

Ryan - I live by the cliché ‘nothing is impossible’. However contrary that, I find it impossible to open a bag of potato chips while watching rugby and not completely devour the whole bag!!

Janice - I’m the queen of singing Queen at karaoke!

Jonathan - I completed the Wellington Capital Classic 3.3km Ocean Swim based on a dare from a client.

Jason - I’m best known for my deep love and knowledge of cars and bikes (so, a bogan).

Regan - I cook the best steak this side of Buenos Aires and am a firm believer in the theory that a messy work desk is a sign of genius (mine is filthy!).

Nicola - I grew up on and around farms with pet lambs. When I was young our farm flooded and we were rescued by a helicopter.

Penni - I just got named Recruitment Leader of the year!! That’s not on my CV yet!!!

Ian - My brother’s friends, sisters and front garden were once in an episode of Shortland Street.

Katherine - My claim to fame in my family! I am a triplet and therefore have never done anything alone. Being with, and working with other people brings out the best in me.

Kelly - I’m a softball scorer in my spare time – come summer and you’ll find me on the side of a diamond.

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