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Five minutes with Peter Hughes, Prime Super Regional Manager for Western Victoria

June 18, 2020

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Diversity: A key ingredient for delivering exceptional care

January 15, 2019

Most companies today have worked out the benefits of employing a diverse workforce, which include increased creativity and innovation, better customer service and consumer understanding, improved team performance, stronger collaboration and enhanced reputation.

The reality is that diversity and inclusion are no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but a necessity which makes good business sense.

Statistics support the philosophy that ‘diversity is good for business’ with indisputable evidence showing companies with a strong diversity and inclusion agenda having increased performance and revenue growth against companies of comparative size and industry.



We have certainly found this to be the case with Drake Medox, the healthcare recruitment division of Drake International and have developed and implemented a number of key policies and procedures concerning equality, dignity at work, employee welfare to ensure we have an inclusive work environment.

As a staffing provider in healthcare, home care and disability care with a diverse client base, we believe it is imperative for Drake Medox to embrace best practice when it comes to attracting, selecting and retaining our workforce.

As such, our recruitment process is non-discriminatory and mitigates against unconscious bias ensuring all potential applicants, regardless of cultural background, disability, religion, gender or age are treated equally throughout the recruitment and procurement process.
Included in our valued workforce is Gavin Rolton (pictured above), a recruitment consultant employed by Drake Medox. Gavin is also a C5 tetraplegic, paralysed from the waist down since a diving accident when he was a teenager.

Gavin had been unemployed since his accident but we recognised a number of transferable skills he possessed which we knew would stand him in good stead as a Homecare Recruitment Consultant. He just needed some training and someone to give him a chance. A significant part of the business done by Drake Medox is providing homecare services with significant and often complex care needs. To be able to most effectively source and retain the right talent, it is paramount for us to understand each persons’ individual care requirements.

This includes understanding how an impairment impacts on a day-to-day life, what kind of care services do we need to provide to improve their quality of life and how can we help our clients reach their own unique goals and aspirations?

Having been a recipient of complex care services after his accident, Gavin was in a position to provide insight and knowledge from a client’s perspective which we have found invaluable.

Gavin is now one of Drake Medox’s ‘top performers’ and was recently promoted to a Customer Service Consultant role. Gavin also attended the Drak