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Building resilience in your workforce

Resilience is a person’s ability to recover, thrive and succeed during challenge, change and adversity. It is also their ability to develop a thicker coat of armour to prevent the impact of future stresses. And yet applying resiliency when in a difficult moment can be challenging for many people.

What we are finding is that resilience is being lost and this is having a detrimental impact on individuals and businesses alike.

We live in a society which is so fast-paced and so demanding that we have lost the understanding of why we are alive and instead of working to live, we are living to work.

By using simple steps, we help participants understand where their resilience is low and help them to develop this in themselves and others around them.

We need to re-learn resilience which is about passion, drive, motivation, being flexible and having realistic expectations of yourself. If we don’t, it will lead to fatigue, depression anxiety, burnout, resentment, ill health which impacts individuals and business.

Just like a good recipe, resiliency requires central elements:

  • mindful self-care

  • high-quality connections

  • realistic expectations

  • insight

  • vulnerability

  • meaning

  • passion

  • flexibility

  • motivation

In 2019, I will be delivering seminars on resilience and how to build this and psychological agility for RCSA members. The seminars have been designed to offer practical strategies and a fresh perspective on the issue of resilience; allowing both leaders and recruitment specialist an opportunity to consider their own needs and their professional sustainability.

Seminar 1

The threat of low/understated resilience in the workplace & the consequences of a low resilient recruitment team Participants will use cognitive strategies to:

  • Identify resiliency and how it impacts the workplace

  • Recognise warning signs of low resiliency and compassion fatigue

  • Become aware of the protective factors that can help build team resilience

  • Learn practical strategies to build resilience in your team

Seminar 2

Increasing collaboration to support and manage staff performance & empowerment and ownership Participants will use cognitive and behavioural strategies to:

  • Create environments that richly reinforce pro-social behaviour

  • Leverage employee strengths, abilities and weaknesses

  • Create more forward-thinking performance ratings to reduce worry and negative competition against teams

  • Utilising software to assist with employee management, interaction and feedback

Seminar 3

Compartmentalising cognitive load to optimise the way we process information Participants will learn cognitive strategies to:

  • Learn how to become emotionally detached from low priority tasks

  • Set personal and professional rules

  • Reduce worry and stress time on current uncontrollable events in your life

  • Use the environment around you to seek out places where you conduct specific types of work.

Seminar 4

Development of psychological agility Participants will use cognitive strategies to:

  • Identify Experiential Avoidance and its consequential behaviour

  • Learn to develop Psychological Flexibility; a mindful approach to pursuing one’s values even in the face of emotional, cognitive, and real-world challenges.

  • Recognise and labelling thoughts and emotions, accepting and then acting on emotions.

Seminar 5

Cultivation of Equanimity to Increase Positive Work Relationships & Dealing with Conflict and Reasonable Management Action

Participants will learn cognitive strategies to:

  • Increase insight into how work/life goals can be achieved without undermining other co-workers

  • Develop stronger mutual respect and group cohesion

  • Improve self-knowledge through examination of personal targets with the aim of sharpening focus and enhancing effectiveness.

During the seminars we will look at ways to build resilience which can be as simple as the following:

  • Take detachment breaks by stepping away from your desk

  • Develop mental agility by responding to stress rather than reacting to it

  • Cultivate a compassionate workplace culture

  • Compartmentalise your work by breaking down your work day into small achievable tasks which can be ticked off a list

  • Focus on consciously building a growth mindset instead of living in a flex mindset

Seminars 1 & 2 will be presented in a half day format and have been tailored towards Management and Leaders in the recruitment sector. They will be delivered on:

Seminars 3-5, designed for recruiters who are not in management or leadership positions, will be presented in:

To secure your place at an of the seminars, book here.

Dr Natalie Flatt has been a company director and recruiter in Health and Education for the past decade. She has extensive experience in solution-focused intervention to assist with anxiety, resilience, stress management, relationships, workplace conflict and compassion fatigue.

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