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Update on All-of-Government Procurement Working Group

As many of you who supply under the All-of-Government contract will be aware, RCSA held a series of forums in 2018 to connect the panel of suppliers with MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment) procurement representatives to discuss key issues and consult within industry to drive best practice.

Previous issues identified at these forums centred on non-compliance/probity check issues as well as a desire to strengthen relationships with hiring managers and access feedback on performance.

At that time the key actions discussed were:

  • Produce a White Paper to provide clarity on what good recruitment looks like and to drive best practice and;

  • Facilitate expos to bring recruitment suppliers and hiring managers/HR from government agencies together to position recruitment value, and strengthen relationships.

We have since established a working group within the NZ Council to drive the key outcomes initially identified at these forums.

The All-of-Government (AOG) Working Group aims to provide guidance on what we as recruitment providers, believe contributes to better supplier relationships and service outcomes to government agencies, and will consider both supplier and agency behaviours.

The Working Group will focus on strengthening the relationships between providers and participating agencies and identify critical success factors.

The AOG Working Group also aims to assist the RCSA Board in the management of policy, strategy, issues, education and stakeholder influence across all matters relating to responsible procurement.

The Working Group is responsible for:

  • Identifying the needs of government agencies and suppliers which may include survey creation to capture feedback

  • Providing guidance on best practice including drafting a White Paper in conjunction with RCSA resources

  • Improving engagement and involvement in the supplier relationship which may include running expos for suppliers and agency representatives

  • Providing relevant representation at MBIE Client Advisory Group meetings

We believe there are several benefits to having these regular forums for our members including:

  1. Opportunities to educate about procurement and the steps we are taking to raise professionalism within the industry and to advocate for fairness when compliance costs increased without increased fees.

  2. Offering insight into the industry with a large panel of providers, allowing more focus for AOG procurement on supplier relationship management.

  3. Opportunities for increased education between groups and AOG procurement can leverage relationships with client advisory groups to help facilitate this.

  4. Providing agency perspectives can also help to facilitate deeper engagement and education on workforce issues and opportunities such as sharing knowledge around increasing diversity in recruitment and White Papers etc that our members may currently produce.

The AOG Procurement Working Group is currently working on an updated customer satisfaction survey (sent to government agencies to provide feedback on recruitment) and we’ll be canvassing supplier members for your thoughts on the questions.

The AOG Procurement Working Group is chaired by Melinda Honeychurch of the NZ Council and we are inviting all RCSA members who supply into this contract, and who would like to be included in our subcommittee, to get in touch with

It is important that we have a broad representation of our membership. While all of the supplier panel (including those who aren’t currently members) will receive updates on these activities, this is your opportunity to raise any concerns with us directly to address on your behalf.

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