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Employment industry body extremely disappointed by Labor's move to reinstate uncertainty for bus

The industry body for recruitment and labour hire, RCSA, is extremely disappointed by yesterday’s action by Labor to oppose a move to create much-needed certainty for Australian business employing casual employees.

Labor yesterday moved to disallow a statutory regulation enacted last year that was designed to provide clarity following the Skene v WorkPac decision.

The regulation effectively dealt with the largest concern for employers from that decision, namely the potential it created for employees to ‘double dip’ by accepting loading in lieu of permanent entitlements, but then claiming entitlement to all of the benefits that is paid in lieu of.

RCSA Chief Executive Officer Charles Cameron said his members, who employ hundreds of thousands of employees, many on a casual basis, have been crying out for some certainty around the law when it comes to paying casual employees.

“Labor’s decision to undermine clarity for employers makes no sense,” Mr Cameron said. “Particularly, when businesses are just trying to comply with the law and do the right thing.

“It is hard to understand why the Labor Party would want to return to confusion and cause further uncertainty, which will have a huge impact on small business especially”.

“Business in Australia is hard enough without politicians constantly changing the rules.

“We strongly call upon the Senate to reject Labor’s attempt to undermine simple and clear laws for businesses who just want to get on with employing Australians,” he said.

“Make no mistake; the impact of this will be enormous. If business is not provided with greater certainty, which is what this regulation is designed to do, it will turn employers away from creating vital employment pathways for Australians through casual work,” Mr Cameron said.

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