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Calling for members to join RCSA’s Diversity Working Group

As a society, we have been working towards gender diversity for quite a few years now and it certainly appears to be on most everyone’s radar. But with new research showing recruiters are still likely to look at men’s LinkedIn profiles more frequently than women’s, simply being on the radar is not enough.

The RCSA was pleased to announce on International Women’s Day the formation of a Diversity Working Group to be chaired by Clare McCartin (pictured left), Group General Manager, Executive & Boards with Davidson.

The working group was formed following a recent story appearing in industry publication Shortlist, on LinkedIn’s Gender Insights Report. The story says recruiters are 13% less likely to look at a woman’s profile when she shows up in a search and 3% less likely to contact a woman by InMail after viewing her profile.

"The RCSA Diversity Working Group will drive discussion, insight and education on issues of diversity relevant to the sector,” Brooke Lord, Head of Advocacy and Policy with RCSA, said. “And we are thrilled to have Clare McCartin volunteer to Chair the group. Her expertise and reputation in this space, her network and her passion to drive change is a valuable resource to have when you want to make real change and the way people think about diversity.”

The Diversity Working Group is now calling for participants. If you would like to explore a range of relevant issues understanding the significant impact that recruiters have upon diversity in the workplace, we would welcome your input.

To find out more about the group or how you can be involved, contact Brooke Lord, Head of Advocacy and Policy with RCSA on

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