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WorkSafe appoints consultants to research NZ’s labour-hire industry

WorkSafe has engaged consultants Martin Jenkins to research and produce a detailed report into New Zealand’s labour-hire industry in what it says is an important opportunity to continue to strengthen our health and safety system.

Last year WorkSafe released the tender for research into health and safety in the labour hire sector stating it is “a substantial employer of workers in New Zealand…across many industries and each of WorkSafe’s priority sectors (Agriculture, Construction, Forestry and Manufacturing).”

The research will be conducted by Martin Jenkins and will be a combination of primary and secondary data sources to develop a profile of the labour-hire industry in New Zealand.

This will include detailed summaries of the size and make-up of the labour-hire industry, to better understand the health and safety risks faced by staff being managed by both labour-hire firms and host employers and how these risks are being mitigated against and managed.

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron has been instrumental in working with WorkSafe to be sure RCSA and its members are able to play an active role in contributing to the research.

Charles will meet with Martin Jenkins next week to discuss the research process and ways in which RCSA can support any additional steps which may include a survey of labour hire firms, a number of site visits and focus groups with labour hire workers.

The final report from Martin Jenkins is expected to be tabled in July 2019.

While we are on the topic of workplace heath and safety, we have updated the RCSA Industry Guide to Health & Safety and are working through the WorkSafe endorsement process. The Health & Safety Guide for NZ Recruiters is available to corporate members only.

If you have any questions about the Martin Jenkins research project or RCSA’s OH&S resources, feel free to contact me by email at or your local NZ Council representative.

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