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SaaS - a flexible solution for recruitment business growth

The recruitment sector in Australia is changing rapidly. Growth in the recruitment sector, supported by the growing Gig economy, is driven by the need for flexibility and modular solutions, backed by state-of-the-art technology. In Australia, casual workers represent a fifth of Australia's workforce[1] and recruiters need to react to take advantage.

Jordan Betteridge (pictured left), Director - Australia and New Zealand, Volcanic, explores what this means for today’s recruitment businesses.

Innovation to support entrepreneurs

Website providers must drive innovation in the sector, by making products accessible for a small and growing business, as well as delivering the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the new lifestyle businesses that are emerging. Coupled with this, a company’s website needs to offer the product and technical quality that this next generation of Australian entrepreneurs has grown to expect.

For this reason, the Australian recruitment sector is discovering the huge advantages that the SaaS (software as a service) model can bring to the industry.

The way that SaaS is paid for is also impacting the business environment. Through simple pay-as-you-go or subscription models, businesses of all sizes can gain access to advanced technology that is updated on an ongoing basis.

A capex-free website

A website is ideally suited to a SaaS business model. In the past, the investment needed to get a recruitment business’ website up and running and made recruiters, particularly new start-ups, think twice about making the decision to go ahead.

Now, thanks to the SaaS model, the low-risk approach typified by no upfront capital investment, no contract tie-ins and a simple fixed monthly fee, recruiters of all sizes can access a risk-free technology platform that delivers the innovation needed to respond to the fast-growing and continually changing recruitment sector.

No contract tie-ins

Removing barriers to entry is key for small business, and recruitment agencies would be well advised to ensure they have the freedom to easily switch between providers and are not tied down by contract commitments. Signing a long-term agreement, especially in a digital environment, means agencies may be burdened with legacy systems, that can bring risk, even in the short term.

Security as standard

New and innovative technology inevitably brings with it particular challenges and risks. The connected technology driving Industry 4.0 also carries new operational risks in the form of cyber threats and attacks. Recruitment businesses that collect and store personal data on candidates and clients, will inevitably remain prime targets for cyber attack.

A key benefit of SaaS is that new features and technology are rolled out on an ongoing basis. This keeps every website on the SaaS platform up to date with best-in-class technology, and also maintains site security and compliance with the latest regulations.

Partnership approach

Companies like Volcanic, offering SaaS technology, depend on their all-inclusive package, which has to also include excellence in project management and technical support. Relationships are important in this industry, and local, on-the-ground client support together with global expertise will ensure a collaborative approach that delivers success. With a priority ticketing system to immediately report any issues and an easy to use content management system, recruiters can easily keep their website up to date, both to keep its content current and also to boost SEO.

All-encompassing applications

Not only have self-contained products fallen out of favour with businesses today, but there’s been a marked reduction in the development and release of systems that are designed for single operations, or that cater to specific industries. With vertical software rapidly becoming a thing of the past, tech developers are instead favouring all-encompassing applications that everyone in an organisation can use. It’s for this reason that SaaS is thriving. The Volcanic SaaS platform is built to integrate with third-party solutions, establishing it as an essential component in a digital world.

Powered by the cloud, SaaS allows small businesses to reap the benefits of greater convenience and affordability, in turn helping to expand the corporate ecosystem. These subscription-based software models have been game-changing for some time in the recruitment industry, with continuously updated, future-proofed new technology available.

Putting your website at the heart of your business

The level of process automation brought about by technology is the critical factor in driving business growth. Recruitment agencies that put their recruitment website at the front and centre of their strategy, ensure integration across all systems and keep up to date with the latest technology are set for success in this new climate.

For more information on how Volcanic’s SaaS can drive your recruitment business forward, get in touch with Jordan on +61 436 333 077 or

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