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Why the little things matter for diversity and inclusion

Tech workplaces which practice a culture of inclusion and actively encourage people to be and express themselves are more likely to attract talent from a diverse range of backgrounds than those who don’t.

And surprisingly, it is not big statements about inclusion and diversity which have the most impact, it is the small gestures which can matter most, according to a new book (cover pictured below) launched yesterday by Talent International.

Human: Global perspectives on diversity in tech includes 25 first-hand accounts from people from different cultures, education attainments, socio-economic and religious backgrounds and those with disability sharing their insights on the reality of diversity and inclusion in global tech workplaces.

By highlighting individual stories and learnings, not statistics, the book details the tangible strategies organisations can implement to become more diverse and inclusive and how this correlates to greater organisational success.

Talent Founder and Executive Chairman Richard Earl said Human speaks to the importance of embracing individuality.

“I passionately believe that diversity should be celebrated in tech, the workplace, and life,” Talent Founder and Executive Chairman Richard Earl said of the book’s launch.

“Through Human, our aim is to celebrate differences rather than similarities and see each person for who they authentically are, not the label society has given them. Hopefully, people reading this will identify with some of the stories and know they are not alone.”

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